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The Benefits of Ownership

CO2 reduction, energy savings and lifecycle costs are all drivers in technology in order to reduce total cost of ownership. These factors and changes in legislation have resulted in diverse motor technology being utilised in the modern building environment. Danfoss Drives are uniquely prepared to meet the demands of this higher efficiency world.

Motor Independency

The same VLT® frequency converter can be used to control induction, permanent magnet and high efficiency synchronous reluctance motors.

What’s more, these are easy and fast to commission as Danfoss Drives Automatic Motor Adaption requires only motor nameplate data and 2.7 seconds to measure the motor, cables and full installation characteristics to optimise the parameters; truly matching the drive to its load. The motor will then operate at the highest possible efficiency. One VLT® for all motors.

Installers now benefit from freedom of choice of motor technology (Motor Independency) and rapid commissioning utilising Danfoss Drives platforms.

Users benefit from the correct choice of motor technology for the application with the lowest possible cost of ownership, with a user friendly single drive platform throughout the plant room.

Danfoss Drives are not only used in prestigious buildings such as the Shard and the Gherkin in London, they are also in many other buildings. District heating plant in Hjørring in Denmark has achieved exceptionally low emission levels whilst being one of the most efficient plants of its kind in the world.

VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC103

Danfoss developed the first dedicated Refrigeration Drive in order to allow users in this market to benefit from the advantages of speed control in a simple, uncomplicated manner.

With functions specifically tailored for refrigeration technology, it can reduce the need for external control components while integrating easily into existing systems. Speed control improves the energy balance of the whole system, reducing life cycle costs and the environmental footprint.

VLT® FC103 meets the needs for all pump, fan and compressors used in refrigeration applications. Every application and power size can be operated and programmed with the same common user interface.

Harmonic Mitigation

Danfoss Drives are a global solutions provider of harmonic mitigation equipment.

With VLT® Low Harmonic Drives (LHD) and VLT® Advanced Active Filter (AAF) passive and active solutions available as standalone or fully integrated, there is a solution to suit your system needs.

With VACON® and VLT® Low Harmonic Drives (LHD) and VLT® Advanced Active Filter (AAF) passive and active solutions available as standalone or fully integrated, there is a solution to suit your system needs.

The LHD and AAF have the same modular build as our standard high power drives and share similar features; high energy efficiency, back channel cooling and user friendly operation.

VLT® HVAC EC+ Concept

Proven EC+ technology in a single product platform for control of both standard asynchronous, permanent magnetic and synchronous reluctance motors is now available to achieve the highest efficiency for all ventilation, fan and pump applications.

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Advantages of the EC+ Concept

  • Free choice of motor technology
  • Independent selection of motor supplier
  • Optimum system efficiency
  • Installation & operation remain unchanged
  • Retro-fitting of existing systems still possible

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