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Carrier UK - Chillers / Integrated HVAC Systems

Water Cooled Screw Chillers - Packaged Roof Top Units - Air to Water Heat Pumps

Our integrated offering brings together a complete range of high performance, energy efficient products and building controls, backed by nationwide service and maintenance and spares support.

30XWV Variable Speed Screw Chillers

The latest development of the established 30XW range, the 30XWV variable speed screw compressor chillers offer significantly enhanced part load efficiency. Typical ESEER levels are >9.0 and annual average system efficiencies ~10.

23XRV Tri-Rotor Variable Speed Screw Chillers

The unique tri-rotor design of the 23XRV provides a more balanced compression process that imposes much lower loads on the compressor bearings. This allows significantly reduced rotor clearances for improved efficiency and results in an L10 design life for the compressor bearings of more than 500,000 hours. The 23XRV can deliver average annual system efficiencies approaching 11 with the resilience and robustness inherent in screw compressor technology.

The Next Generation of AquaForce®

Carrier has been working over the past years on selecting the right refrigerant for the future and has now taken the lead in introducing the next generation of refrigerants on screw units: PUREtec™. With PUREtec™, Carrier offers a range of new customised solutions using a refrigerant with zero impact on the ozone layer and nearly zero global warming potential: HFO-R1234ze.

Air-cooled screw compressor chillers: 30XA-ZE and 30XAV-ZE.

Water-sourced screw compressor chillers and heat pumps: 30XWP-ZE, 30XW-ZE, 30XWHP/HV-ZE and 61XWH-ZE.

All the reliability, efficiency, adaptability of the AquaForce® range combined with PUREtec™ refrigerant HFO-R1234ze.

System SEER

The Part L Building Services Compliance Guides acknowledges that the SEER method of representing chiller efficiency should only be considered as an approximation. Using our Chiller System Optimiser modelling tool, Carrier has now developed a method of predicting chiller system efficiencies that matches much more closely the specifics of the proposed installation. This new approach considers all the factors that can influence actual chiller system performance, including:

  • Number of chillers
  • Size of each chiller
  • EER of all chillers at every combination of load & operating condition
  • Control sequence for the chillers
  • Load profile of the building
  • Hours of operation
  • Local weather conditions

The System SEER approach not only produces predictions of chiller system efficiency that are much more representative of reality, but also figures that can be significantly higher than those produced by a simple individual chiller SEER analysis. Improvements in annual average chiller efficiency ratings of 20-30% are typical, significantly reducing the electrical consumption and carbon emissions attributed to the cooling plant, with substantial benefits for the whole building’s carbon profile.


AdvanTE³C is not so much a product as a design philosophy. AdvanTE³C draws on Carrier’s engineering and environmental expertise to deliver sustainable building services design in innovative ways. Solutions are developed in collaboration with clients to meet their specific needs by using Carrier’s unrivalled engineering expertise, modelling and simulation tools and in-house test facilities. Projects include high energy density data centres (~3kW/m²), low energy building systems and district heating/cooling systems capable of delivering hot water at 70°C.

AdvanTE³C Solutions Centre

  • Develop unique solutions to meet customer challenges
  • Deploy solutions that involve equipment, controls, algorithms
  • From equipment approach to system approach
  • Leverage Carrier’s broad product & technology portfolio

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