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Britannia Kitchen Ventilation - UV Filtration System

Kitchen Ventilation - Extract Canopies - Ventilated Ceilings - Britannia

Britannia specialise in providing kitchen ventilation solutions throughout the UK and Ireland. Providing a complete service from design through to installation calling on a wide range of custom manufactured products incorporating some of the latest technology in our industry.

In addition to the full range of bespoke canopies and service distribution units, Britannia also offer four additional product lines which provide greater flexibility when solving your kitchen ventilation problem.

Ultrastream UV Filtration System

Ultrastream is an ultra violet filtration system which provides secondary grease removal and odour destruction before the air is discharged to atmosphere.

Ultrastream significantly reduces ductwork cleaning and reduces fire risk within the extract system. As the system also destroys odours, kitchens can be located in areas where low level is not normally possible.

Ultrastream is more efficient and cost effective than conventional carbon treatments with greatly reduced maintenance costs.

Heydal Ventilated Ceiling System

Britannia now offer the Heydal ventilated ceiling system. The ceiling is made entirely from stainless steel and is fully demountable, which allows for future modifications to layout. The ceiling has a 1 hour fire rating and is fully compliant with DW172 and MOD/Defence Estate Specifications.

The ceiling operates on lower resistances and is lighter than other ceiling options. Ceiling panels can be powder coated to suit particular architectural requirements. Britannia also provide a full cleaning and maintenance service to ensure the ceiling is always clean and fully functioning.

Refresh Recirculation Unit

Refresh is Britannia’s self contained kitchen ventilation system that does not need ventilating to atmosphere.

Designed for use over electrically powered cooking equipment, the stand alone system comprises of a ventilation canopy with a services tower at one end. The tower filters out grease and odours before recirculating the air back into the kitchen.

Each unit is available with a controls package that continually monitors the system performance giving clear signals when filter elements need to be changed.

Silverline Ventilated Ceiling System

Silverline is a ventilated ceiling system which reduces the fire risk in commercial kitchens whilst improving aesthetics, providing a clean line of sight in the kitchen.

Silverline is suitable for ventilating higher output cooking equipment which can normally present problems for cassette ceilings with grease drainage.

Silverline uses the void above the ceiling as a supply plenum, which is not contaminated with dirty extracted air, providing a cleaner and safer solution.

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