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Aquilar - Leak Detection

Refrigerant Gas & Water / Oil Leak Detection Systems - Regulation BS EN378

A specialist supplier of leak detection systems for refrigerant gas, water, fuels and chemicals using the AquiTron and TraceTek brands used in many of today’s modern buildings to monitor and minimise leaks in air conditioning systems and refrigeration plant chillers, heat and cooling systems using water and backup generators for diesel fuels and oils.

Refrigerant / Air Conditioning Gas Detection

Refrigerant gas leak detection has become a high priority for many companies in this environmentally sensitive age, coupled with responsibility concerning health and safety within buildings.

The AquiTron systems have become critical for many of the air conditioned and refrigerated spaces to give building owners an early warning system to minimise losses of valuable gases.

Why Refrigerant Gas Detection?

Refrigerant loss from air conditioning and refrigeration plant is not just expensive, it can also be detrimental to health and safety and is environmentally unacceptable.

15% refrigerant gas leak equates to 100% increase in energy consumption to maintain the same room temperature

As electricity prices increase, ensuring you have an efficient fixed leak detection system in occupied and critical areas is vital. Building owners need to be compliant with the F-Gas Regulations and BS EN 378.

System designers can benefit from installing a fixed system under BREEAM Pol 01 (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) which helps provide the best sustainable buildings. Many projects have already benefited from the installation of AquiTron systems which add vital credits to the scheme’s total.

Systems are available to detect all common refrigerant / air conditioning gases used today including CFCs, HFCs and HCFCs such as R410A, R407c, R404A and R32. There is an extensive range of sensor technologies available to choose from to detect a wide range of gases in a variety of applications. Four types are used to suit the application and gas: Semiconductor, Electrochemical, Catalytic and Infrared.


  • Hotel bedrooms & apartments
  • Offices
  • Data centres, telecomms, server & equipment rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Hospitals
  • Chiller plant rooms / HVAC corridors

Please refer to the Technical Data section of the Notebook for further details.

AquiTron & TraceTek
Water & Fuel Oil Leak Detection

Digital, addressable and analogue leak detection technology are all available within the AquiTron and TraceTek range that offer simple, reliable and flexible systems. The digital control panel provides you with pinpoint accurate location of any leaks. The system can also detect multiple leaks and can be networked to 250 channels.

No matter what your liquid leak detection need is, sensors are available to suit your application.

Use Aquilar in…

  • Data centres
  • Server, network, telecomms & computer rooms
  • HVAC plant rooms & service risers
  • Lift pits & lift motor rooms
  • Museums, libraries & archives
  • Hospitals
  • Sensitive areas & high value spaces (luxury homes)

Many Liquid Sensors

  • TT1000 for water detection
  • TT1100 for water detection on overhead pipes
  • AT-PROBE-TS for water detection in bunded areas, base of riser & below equipment
  • TT5000 for fuel oils: petrol/gasoline, diesel, jet fuel & other fuels

Aquilar, refrigerant gas, leak detection

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Refrigerant gas detection AT-G-ALERT Leak detected TT1000 water sensing cable

Aquilar Ltd
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