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TROX UK - Multi Service Chilled Beams / FCUs

Multi Service Chilled Beams - MSCB - Fan coil - VAV

Chilled Beams & Multi Service Chilled Beams

As a market leader in the development, manufacture and supply of chilled beams, TROX has a full range of recessed and exposed active and passive beams that can be incorporated into commercial offices, healthcare, educational, industrial and hotel projects.

The range is augmented by the Multi Service Chilled Beams (MSCB). The latest advance in chilled beam technology combines aesthetic flexibility with economic functionality. MSCBs are highly energy-efficient systems that eliminate the need for suspended ceilings and reduce the building’s minimum slab-to-soffit height to 2.8m.

MSCBs encourage natural thermal cooling from the exposed mass of the concrete ceiling soffit and have lower capital and whole-life costs compared to traditional fan coil systems. They can accommodate future changes in space requirements, integrating easily with alterations to partitioning and layout.

The bespoke designed beams can incorporate cooling and heating, lighting, public address systems, smoke detectors, sprinklers, CCTV, PIR sensors, BMS cables and voice and data cables. MSCB design flexibility is enhanced by the fact that it is constructed from architectural extruded aluminium sections which interlock to provide an infinite range of shapes and apertures. With this flexibility, virtually all lighting systems can be easily incorporated into the chilled beam. The TROX design team work to develop a building services design that doesn’t just deliver to specification but can be a feature of the internal environment addressing:

The TROX product portfolio includes:

  • Performance parameters
  • Aesthetics
  • Incorporated services
  • Materials preference
  • Air distribution
  • Beam functionality, partitioning & bulkhead interface

Fan coil Units

The TROX PWH fan coil unit is an air conditioning terminal unit that, combined with a diffuser, provides air conditioning suited to offices, hotel rooms, shops and restaurants.

TROX guarantees noise levels, thermal and aerodynamic performance and offers outstanding energy efficiency with the option of an EC fan deck for high performance variable air volume (VAV) operation – reducing air and water volume.

The controlled fan coil units are designed to provide maximum thermal, hydraulic and acoustic performance with outstanding flexibility to meet the requirements of a project. They feature integral discharge plenum and the opportunity to set the positions of the discharge spigots to suit the internal space. Within the fan coil, fresh or re-circulating air is filtered, cooled or heated as necessary and supplied indirectly through spigots, ducts and grilles into the internal space, offering individual and zone control.

There are 6 sizes in the PWH fan coil range to suit the cooling/heating load, with low SFP and noise levels, achieving cooling capacities of up to 7 kW. The design enables the use of standard to elevated chilled water temperatures (for example 10ºC/14ºC) giving a cost effective solution. TROX also supplies energy efficient valve sets and controls which are purpose-designed for the fan coil unit. Providing seamless integration with any BMS protocol, TROX’s valve sets and controls streamline installation and ensure compatibility.

TROX advocates a total system approach to avoid any air distribution difficulties with variable air volume and is able to work in collaboration with customers to ensure optimum performance of all components in the system, such as fan coil, downstream ducting, plenum boxes and diffusers. TROX’s factory in Thetford, Norfolk, has an approved fan coil testing facility, making it possible for air distribution concepts to be trialled during the design stage, and for units, as well as their accompanying valve sets and controls, to be fully performance tested ahead of installation. TROX prides itself on being a supplier of technical solutions, not just products.

Chilled Beams

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