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District Heating Network - King's Cross Redevelopment - Vitomax - Vital Energi

King’s Cross Redevelopment, with District Heating Network is the largest of its kind for 150 Years

Project Overview

When sustainable energy specialist, Vital Energi, was chosen to assist Metropolitan King’s Cross Ltd with the delivery of a low carbon energy supply to its new development at King’s Cross in central London, it turned to Viessmann for its support on the project. Through a combination of energy-efficient building design and the application of centralised heat and power operation, the project is on target to cut carbon emissions by at least 45 percent compared to traditional heating methods.

An Energy Efficient Community

At 67 acres, King’s Cross Central is the largest mixed use development in single ownership to be master planned and developed in central London for 150 years.

When completed, the plot will house 25 new office buildings, 20 new streets, 10 new major public spaces, and 1,900 new homes, as well as 20 fully restored historic buildings and structures. As Europe’s largest city centre regeneration scheme, the site now even has its own postcode; N1C.

The challenge for King’s Cross was to provide an energy efficient and sustainable site without compromising the quality of living, or the availability of energy supply, and to develop a future-proofed living and working environment. Metropolitan King’s Cross Ltd, the energy services company (ESCo) overseeing the design and implementation of all energy-related aspects of the project, chose sustainable energy specialist Vital Energi to design, install, operate and maintain the development’s heating and hot water systems.

Staged Planning

To provide efficiency and keep early capital investment and maintenance costs minimal, Vital Energi has been furnishing King’s Cross Central’s energy centre with technology in stages so as to match the heating and hot water demands of the development’s occupants as construction of the development continues to grow. The project started with a temporary energy centre containing two Viessmann Vitomax 100 boilers. With a new plant room scheduled for completion, the 2.9 MW units will be transferred to perform the same role at another new site.

Once completed, the centre will contain three 1.8 MW CHP units and three 10 MW gas-fired boilers to provide heating, hot water and locally generated electricity to the entire development.

By August 2012, the energy centre was delivering heating and hot water to the King’s Cross site with two Vitomax 200 10 MW boilers. It will continue to do so until the site has sufficient daily demand to require the currently installed single CHP 1.8 MW engine. The system delivers hot water to two 75,000 litre thermal stores. The CHP units will ultimately provide heating for the whole King’s Cross Central development, whilst also generating electricity. Residents can still adjust the temperature of their homes through thermostat controls, like in most households serviced by single boilers.

Further installations to complete the energy centre as the development grows in size, comprise of a third Viessmann Vitomax boiler and two additional CHP units.

Ticking All the Boxes

Even after the remaining technology has been installed, Vital Energi will continue to support the King’s Cross development and is contracted to operate and maintain the energy supply system for at least a further 10 years thereafter.

The company’s Contracts Director, Steve Webster, explains;

“When selecting a heating and hot water plant for district energy networks with such a vast scale as the King’s Cross project, absolute confidence in product quality is paramount. We are contracted to support the site for a number of years, therefore as with every project we support with regard to continued operation and maintenance, we needed to be sure every product we select is of the highest quality. Once longevity is accounted for, efficiency and cost are always the next items on the agenda when planning a project such as the one at King’s Cross. These were all factors behind choosing Viessmann, whose products allowed us to establish King’s Cross as a low carbon community in terms of its energy use.”

Project Details

Project Year - August 2012

Equipment - Vitomax 200 LW Boilers

Rated Output - 30 MW

Location - King’s Cross, Central London

Contractor - Vital Energi

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