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JS Air Curtains - Why Air Curtains?

Air Curtains - Door Openings - Optimum Performance - Efficient Operation

A heated air curtain is used to keep the cold air out and warm air in by blowing a blanket of warm air across a door opening.

Using the correct fan power for the door height, the fan will put heat into any incoming cold air, eliminating cold draughts and stopping building heating from filtrating outside.

As a rule, a door height of approx. 2.2m and 1m wide would need a fan power of approx. 1200m³/hr, 1.5m wide approx. 1800m³/hr and 2m wide approx. 2400m³/hr.

The load taken off heating systems reduces energy costs and in the case of small areas, a heated air curtain can be sufficient to bring temperature up to the correct level.

In the summer the heater can be switched off and the fan power used to give a cooling effect on a door opening. This is also ideal for keeping chilled air inside cold stores, reducing energy costs. Pollutants, dust, insects and outside odour entry are also reduced, giving a cleaner environment.

In Summary

Modern designs from JS Air Curtains give evenly distributed curtains of air to save money all year round by reducing heat loss in the winter and for maintaining an air conditioned environment in the summer.

JS Air Curtains help keep shop doors open, increasing sales and profitability by enticing 25% extra custom and there is a wide range of standard units and sizes available in a wide variety of colours to suit virtually any outlet.

From the small retailer to general buildings and to large industrial door openings, these attractive units deliver optimum performance and efficient operation, all day every day.

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