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Fulton - Packaged Steam System Solutions

Packaged Steam System - Plantroom - Boiler Flue - Vent - Fuel Supply

Fulton’s steam, hot water and thermal fluid boilers and heaters are one part of a well designed solution.

Many applications are unique and require dedicated accessories, engineered to work together to provide a solution for a customer’s specific needs.

Fulton’s dedicated project team offer a complete service for the design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of skid mounted and packaged plantroom solutions.

Benefits of a Packaged Steam System

Saves space, time and money by having all necessary equipment arranged compactly in one place, designed using the latest CAD and 3D modelling software.

Skids and plantrooms can be transported by road and can be repositioned or moved with relative ease.

All interconnecting pipework and electrical wiring is completed on the system, minimising construction disruption on site.

A high quality build is achieved by being constructed in our ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility and being pre-checked before transportation.

When would a packaged system be suitable?

  • When on-site work is difficult or limited by time
  • When access is remote or restricted
  • When security is an important consideration

What can be included on a packaged system?

  • Clean & foul drains from boilers & ancillary equipment
  • Feed system
  • Water treatment
  • Safety systems
  • Control systems with interconnecting mechanical & electrical services

Specifications & Requirements

Avoid delays with installation by following guidelines set by Fulton for preparing your site.

Further information can be found in Fulton product manuals and standard skid documentation.

Consideration should be given to (as a minimum):

Plantroom Floor / Base

The plantroom area should provide a flat and level base for siting the skidded system. Final adjustments can be made by using the levelling feet on the Fulton skid bases.

Blowdown Vessel Connections

The vent connection and discharge from the vessel are sized to comply with the current standard.

Boiler Flue

Fuel fired boilers are fitted with a flue outlet that requires connecting to an adequately designed flue provided by a specialist flue company. Contact Fulton for assistance.

Safety Valve Vent

It is recommended that safety valve discharge pipework should rise for steam systems. Horizontal pipework should have a downward gradient of at least 1 in 100 away from the valve, ensuring that any discharge will be self-draining.

Feedwater Tank Vent

Ideally, the vent pipe should be installed vertically and should not be connected to other vent lines. If it has to run horizontally then it should have a slight slope and drain back to the tank.

Plantroom Ventilation

Plantrooms must incorporate high and low level ventilation openings for combustion air and plantroom ventilation as required by the Institute of Gas Engineers publication IGE/UP/10 or applicable local regulations.

Minimum Plantroom Access

A minimum plantroom clearance is stated with each project to specify the required free space for the room in which the skid is contained, for all necessary component withdrawals and maintenance access.

Typically a 600 mm access area will be left around a skidded system.

Weights of Packaged Systems

Both shipping weights and operational weights of packaged systems must be noted.

It is important to use the correct weight to arrange transport or to ensure the system is suitably located on a strong base.

Fuel Supply

Ensure existing site infrastructure is adequate for increased fuel flow rate and minimum pressure requirements for your Fulton skidded system and all existing appliances.

Steam Boiler Installation

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