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Carrier UK - Reducing HVAC Energy Consumption

Reducing HVAC Energy Consumption – Principles & Analysis

Did You Know?

It is a fact that 15-20% of the worlds energy consumption is used for air-conditioning and refrigeration and this technology also attributes on average around 40% of a commercial buildings energy footprint.

Understanding the amount of energy used within an Air Conditioning system is not as straightforward as other building technologies. With these large complex and expensive pieces of machinery controlling the comfort and process levels of buildings it takes expert knowledge and experience to ensure the lifetime costs are kept to a minimum whilst maintaining ideal working environments.

Carrier Product Range

What We Do For A Day Job!

Carrier, being a global leader in the manufacture and maintenance of air conditioning equipment, offer various levels of immediate accredited solutions that provide the building manager indepth knowledge of their specific systems. This enables them to make informed decisions for improvements, timely maintenance strategies and planned replacements or upgrades.

Carrier’s globally utilises the LEED™ standard of energy management which is operated in the UK by the “UK Green Building Council” as an industry recognised means of verifying and justifying standards of work and robustness of efficient project design.

Our LEED™ accredited personnel can also provide assistance and where applicable advisory reports that makes sense of important information.

Why not utilise Carrier’s experience to improve your building’s energy consumption whilst maintaining the correct comfort levels of your workplace.

Carrier Product Range


European Performance of Buildings Directive Air Conditioning Inspection Legislative Compliance

To meet the current legislation, Carrier offer Level 3 and 4 accredited inspectors for all Air Conditioning systems above 12kW.

Our inspection will incorporate an assessment of the system efficiency, an evaluation that the system has been correctly sized and advise on possible energy saving improvements through the use of the existing infrastructure and also new, improved technologies.

Hourly Analysis Program (HAP)

This non invasive computational analysis of a building determines the correct cooling load requirements and then compares with the actual load provision whilst evaluating existing AC equipment.

The outcomes whilst are fully aligned with the European Performance of Buildings Directive and Part L of the Building Regulations, use ASHRAE endorsed methodology and give payback analysis.

Chiller Performance Analysis

Carrier’s Chiller Performance Analysis offers an in depth evaluation of almost all types of heat pump, air-conditioning and water chiller equipment.

This solution provides knowledge and recommendations of your current system and can be implemented either as a permanent monitoring device or as a temporary analyser giving in depth information including energy consumption and COP’s.

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Carrier UK Logos

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