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BMI Icopal - Roofing Systems

Lightweight Roof System - Roofing Tiles - Roofing Systems

BMI Icopal is the world leader in building protection from the roof right down to the basement. From our UK headquarters in Milton Keynes and through our national network of over 2,000 stockists we offer you the UK’s most complete range of construction membranes, support services and insured roofing guarantees.

BMI Icopal was founded in the UK and Ireland in 1977 when the company introduced the world’s first lightweight roofing tile – the BMI Icopal tile.

This revolutionary new product combined great strength with very low weight, offering the benefits of:

  • Easy handling
  • Fast installation
  • Exceptional durability
  • Low maintenance

Since their introduction, BMI Icopal tiles have been proven on all types of building, in new-build and refurbishment projects and in all climates across the globe, from the sub zero temperatures and high winds of Canada to the extreme heat, humidity and salt laden environment of areas such as the Maldives and are now by far the most popular lightweight tile in the world, manufactured in four continents and sold in over 70 countries. The number of Tiles installed in the UK and Ireland exceeds ten million square metres (the equivalent of around 155,000 average terraced houses).

Overview of our AeroDek Lightweight Roof Tiles

Total Lightweight Roofing Solutions

The tiles lightweight construction makes them easy to handle and install on roof pitches as low as 10°. They can also be hung vertically, and as they can be installed on lighter roof construction – significantly reducing overall construction time and cost.

AeroDek lightweight roof tiles are dry-fixed, installation so not weather dependent. The secure fixing method eliminates risk of repair or replacement during the lifetime of the roof, further reducing whole life costs for the building:

  • Highly secure, durable and weather resistant
  • 40 year guarantee
  • BS5534 NHBC standards 2016
  • One-seventh the weight of concrete roof tiles

Flat Roof Systems

Green Roofs

Green roofs offer many advantages for building developers, owners and their users. They benefit the wider environment through their positive impact on sustainability, biodiversity and the attenuation of storm water. They create visual enhancement of the landscape and fully exploit the spatial opportunities for visual and recreational benefit with the possibility of planning gain.

Blue Roofs

Blue Roof rainwater attenuation systems are designed to manage stormwater at roof level by controlling stormwater discharge and rainwater management required by local authorities regarding surface water management, particularly where ground based attenuation systems are not viable or restricted.

Bitumen Roofing

The Anderson range of cost-effective, reinforced bitumen flat roofing systems are ideal for both new build or refurbishment projects. Offering guaranteed quality, specifiers can select high quality products suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including metal decking, timber and concrete substrates.

Single Ply Roofing

Single ply roofing membranes and accessories deliver all the tools required to achieve a high performing, lightweight, flexible roofing system, one which is also easier, safer and quicker to install.

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