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Formica Laminate Products

Formica® decorative laminate sheets are known and trusted around the world as a high-quality and cost-effective construction material - a brand on which you can rely. Having pioneered the development of decorative laminates nearly a century ago, Formica products continue to set the standards for surfacing materials, both in technology and in design.

In 2004, Formica Limited, the only UK manufacturer of high-pressure laminate sheets, introduced The Collection - Formica laminate more beautiful, more versatile and more innovative than it has ever been.

The Collection offers the best of previous collections with many fresh and lively new images, and with over four hundred designs of decorative laminate, is the heart of what the company provides.

Formica Collection

Based on extensive market research and on our close involvement with leading trend predictors, this fully coordinating collection reflects and anticipates changing cultural trends and influences.

The Collection offers comprehensive sets of colours, designs, surface finishes and materials, which function beautifully alone, or dovetail with each other seamlessly in many combinations. For convenience, The Collection is organised into design ranges including Metallics, Veneers, Woodgrains, Plain Colours, Patterns, ColorCore® and Compact laminates.

Formica Styles, Formica Ranges

Our Plain Colours and Patterns ranges each hold over a hundred possibilities: Plain Colours cover the spectrum with great subtlety, while Patterns embrace a notably stimulating variety of effects. Many different styles, shades and tones of Woodgrains are available, with the Veneers Range of reconstituted real wood finishes providing exceptional luxury. Similarly, the Metallics Range uses real metal foils for a striking visual and tactile effect.

For exceptional freshness and vivacity, see what the Digital Range can offer you. The range provides a selection of exciting and flexible digital images; some created in open competition among clients and other designers, and gives you the opportunity to create your own customised laminate.

Formica sheet laminate is only the start. Formica Solid Surfacing®, a man-made material reflective of natural stone and marble, invites creative and innovative use. The range includes 24 attractive plain colour and abstract designs, available in thicknesses of either 6mm or 12mm and a selection of sinks and bowls. The product is simultaneously sturdy and elegant.

Formica ColorCore® is a through-colour surfacing material with which many contrasting feature effects may be fabricated. For great strength and structural reliability, with resistance to heat and humidity, consider Formica Compact Grade, faced on both sides with designs from the Plain Colours, Patterns or Woodgrains ranges.

The variety in this collection offers a stimulating and comprehensive resource. Our different products and grades of laminate each have their own physical properties and performance characteristics that bear direct relation to the functional requirements of particular applications. Allowing you to select precisely what you need to meet the challenges of designing the spaces in which we spend the majority of our lives – at home, at work, and at play.

In addition to their extensive manufacturing activity, Formica license third party manufacturers to produce a variety of components and full structural systems that incorporate Formica surfacing materials. These products include wall linings and shower panels, partitions and ducts, cubicle systems, worktops, adaptable furniture and construction elements, doors, flooring and ceiling materials, and exterior surfacing.

Formica laminates products* have been awarded the Certificate of Hygienic Merit by the Royal Institute of Public Health. Compact Grade and Solid Surfacing Material are particularly effective materials where hygiene is critical in the application. Solid Surfacing, microbiologically inert and almost seamless at the joins, is excellent at withstanding any build up of germs and bacteria. *excludes Metallic HPL and Wood Veneer HPL)


Formica Limited provide a series of high quality branded finished components. These include wall linings, partitions and ducts, cubicle systems, doors, adaptable furniture and construction elements, work surfaces and general fittings. Combining versatility, robustness, practicality and aesthetic appeal, Formica components are notably effective in demanding contexts such as those with heavy public use, exposure to high humidity, and conditions such as those found in laboratories or hospitals. These products offer designers and specifiers flexibility and variety in achieving completely integrated solutions.

Components are fabricated elements faced with sheet Formica® surfacing material. Examples include worktops, panels, profiles and boards for incorporating within larger and more complex structures.


Formica components and systems are made by independent third party specialist manufacturers who operate to exacting specifications laid down and monitored by us. These manufacturers also provide technical advice and, where appropriate, a supply-and-fix service.

Custom Design

In addition to choosing from among the hundreds of colours and patterns, Formica® Digital gives you the opportunity to create your own customised laminate. The service allows you to encapsulate your designs and creative ideas in laminate. Inspirational concepts or artwork can be turned into durable, easy to maintain decorative surfaces, combining the performance properties of Formica® laminate with the exclusivity of your design. It offers unique opportunities to create customised furniture, doors, murals, wall panels, signage and corporate branding applications.

CPD / Seminar Information

The Formulation and Manufacturing Process of High Pressure Laminates

The presentation examines the manufacture, application and installation of high pressure decorative laminate, taking the user step by step through the processes and demonstrating key laminate products and their uses.

The presentation is designed to be easy to navigate and can be used in three ways; to allow specifiers and users a quick insight into the manufacture and application of laminate, to allow an in-depth understanding or to act as a full CPD presentation provided by Formica Limited representatives.

The presentation is available on CD Rom, as a download from the Formica Limited website, www.formica.co.uk, or via email. No software is required to run the presentation and it can be used on both PC and Mac.

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