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Hydron Protective Coatings - NBS Specifications

The following NBS Plus specifications for Hydron Protective Coatings can be accessed from the software.

  • NBS Plus Specifications
  • AG2 Graffiti remover - suitable for use on sensitive surfaces
  • AG3 Graffiti remover - For removal of graffiti from all non-porous surfaces
  • AG4 Gel graffiti remover - For removal of graffiti from porous surfaces
  • AL1 Adhesive label remover - For removal of adhesive labels
  • BC1 Brick cleaner - For removal of heavy grime deposits
  • BC2 Thick brick cleaner - For removal of heavy grime deposits
  • CG1 Chewing gum remover - A non-aqueous blend of citrus oils
  • CM1 Cement and mortar cleaner - For removal of cement and mortar stains
  • Hydron AL2 - Aluminium cleaner
  • MC1 Multi-clean - A water-soluble degreaser for general cleaning operations
  • Nu-Base Acid Etch - A concentrated acidic etch preparation solution
  • Nu-Base Acrylic Sports Paint - UV resistant floor paint
  • Nu-Base Chlorinated Rubber Line Paint
  • Nu-Base Concrete Dustproofer
  • Nu-Base Epoxy Line Paint
  • Nu-Base Epoxy Self-Leveller
  • Nu-Base Fast Curing Epoxy Floor Finish
  • Nu-Base HB Epoxy Floor Finish
  • Nu-Base HD Line Paint
  • Nu-Base Heavy Duty Degreaser
  • Nu-Base Heavy-duty Polyurethane Screed
  • Nu-Base Hydroseal - Epoxy resin damp proof membrane
  • Nu-Base Polyurethane Self-Leveller
  • Nu-Base PU Floor Seal - Polyurethane sealer
  • Nu-Base PU Pigmented Epoxy Floor Finish
  • Nu-Base Quartz Screed - A decorative epoxy resin floor screed
  • Nu-Base SP Floor Paint - Polyurethane floor paint
  • Nu-Base WB Clear Seal - Epoxy resin sealer
  • Nu-Base WB Epoxy Floor Finish
  • Nu-Cryl AG Coating - Acrylic clear coating
  • Nu-Cryl WRS Coating - Acrylic impregnation coating
  • Nu-Flake Multi-Coloured Coating System
  • Nu-Flake Single Colour Coating System
  • Nu-Flame Acrylic FR Undercoat/ Gloss
  • Nu-Flame Fire Protection Coating
  • Nu-Flame FR Acrylic Eggshell - Flame retardant eggshell system
  • Nu-Flame FR Multi-Colour Coating System - Multi-colour coating system
  • Nu-Flame FR Single Colour Coating System - Single colour coating system
  • Nu-Flame FR Undercoat/ Gloss - Oil based flame retardant paint system
  • Nu-Flame Structural Steel And Cast Iron System
  • Nu-Flame Timbercoat - Washable weather resistant finish
  • Nu-Guard AC - Anti-carbonisation coating
  • Nu-Guard AC Clear - Clear acrylic coating
  • Nu-Guard AG Anti-Graffiti Coating System - Smooth anti-graffiti coating
  • Nu-Guard AG Clear Finish - Smooth anti-graffiti clear finish coating
  • Nu-Guard AG Pigmented Finish - Smooth anti-graffiti coating
  • Nu-Guard Elastomeric - Elastomeric coating
  • Nu-Guard Opaque Wood Finish - Alkyd resin-based wood finish
  • Nu-Guard Polymeric - Protective sacrificial anti-graffiti treatment
  • Nu-Guard SB All Weather Masonry Coating - Masonry coating system
  • Nu-Guard SP1 Security Paint - Non-setting coating
  • Nu-Guard WB Anti-Graffiti Glaze - Urethane glaze
  • Nu-Joint - Two-pack polyurethane for filling and sealing joints in floors
  • Nu-Patch Epoxy Resin Mortar - An epoxy repair mortar
  • Nu-Plex Elastomeric Coating - High build textured coating
  • Nu-Plex SB Textured Coating - High-build textured coating
  • Nu-Plex WB Textured Coating - High build textured coating
  • Nu-Sil AG Coating - Clear protective coating
  • Nu-Sil WRS Coating - Water repellent treatment
  • Nu-Steel QD system - Decorative metal coating system
  • Nu-Steel SP system - Decorative, metal coating system
  • Nu-Steel TP system - Polyurethane based, decorative, metal coating
  • OD1 Oil dispersant - Non-caustic, non-flammable oil dispersant / emulsifier
  • SL1 Graffiti shadow lifter - Removal of graffiti shadows, porous surfaces
  • B1 Tar and bitumen remover - A solvent-based emulsifiable product
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