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Curtain Walling - Rainscreen Cladding - Remodelling - Facade Weight - Insulated Render - Thermal Properties

Facades supply and design in a rainscreen created from terracotta, stone, brick, glass, porcelain, hydraulic line and laminate panels applied to traditional and special forms construction including prefabrication.

An Introduction to Curtain Walling & Rainscreen Cladding

Telling Architectural offer a versatile approach to the design and management of façade cladding along with other specialist forms of construction whether these are lightweight steel or timber walling, modular or pre-fabricated. A portfolio of products ranging from stone, glass, ceramic, terracotta, perforated metal, Corium brick and laminated panels from selected European manufacturers enable us to provide an unsurpassed level of choice to meet the aesthetic desired. Our particular strength lies in our ability to accept single source design responsibility on behalf of a client to include curtain walling, glazing, multi discipline cladding systems and ancillary works. In-house design staff in engineering and architecture lessen the load upon the consultant or design contractor in interfacing and programming responsibilities as well as the management of the contract when required.

Structural Cladding & Remodelling

The demands of the industry for creative architecture, thermal performance, speed and versatility, increasingly lead to substantially different forms of construction. Telling have been at the forefront of the introduction of lightweight steel walling systems for new building and remodeling.

Rainscreen Performance Criteria

Traditional cavity construction is largely being replaced by more fast track forms of construction to achieve improved energy efficiency, flexibility of design and architectural impact. There is no compromise to the performance criteria in terms of fire, acoustics, weathering or aesthetics.

Facade Weight

Weight is an important factor. The systems will generally be less that 50kg/m².

Architectural Cladding Speed & Versatility

Lightweight steel walling or composite panels enables the fitting out of buildings to be progressed much earlier as the structure can be made watertight within days of the frame construction. The walling can be used in traditional cavity construction with the steel frame acting a restraint system for stone or brick. This process removes the external façade from the programme critical path.

Curtain Walling Re-modelling

For re-modelling of buildings, to renew or replace the previous windows or structural glazing, the lightweight steel walling provides a robust substrate for insulated overcladding. System built structures from the 60’s and 70’s are being extensively refurbished and given an extended fifty years of life. Even structures built from high alumina cement can be refurbished confidently in the knowledge that degradation is minimum upon a structure that will be warm and dry for the remainder of its days.

Loads & Fixings

Advancements in the fixings industry have enabled the systems too be designed to withstand the highest of wind loads and to provide support to interfacing elements of glazing and cladding.


Argeton, Apavisa, Corium by Wienerberger, Royal Mosa, Corus, Mayor, Alsecco Airtec, Cesar, Ariostea, Foamglas by Pittsburgh Corning and Unilit.


Smooth faced natural clay tiles in thirteen colours, patterned or glazed ceramics to any RAL colour, thirty+ brick patterns, polished riven or matt porcelain and twenty natural stone panels are available from our extensive range. External corners and linings to windows can be formed in powder coated aluminium, mitred or created as prefabricated stone panels. Ancillary panel joint trims can be selected either to contrast or blend with the façade selected.

Insulated Render

In new construction the demand for a rendered insulated cladding system that was sustainable of source and made from recycled materials has led to a collaboration between PCE (UK) Ltd and Telling Lime for their Foamglas®, a 66% recycled cellular glass and our hydraulic lime mortars. Inert, waterproof, non-combustible and highly resistant to impact, the system is particularly suited to schools and public buildings.

Composition & Manufacture

Much of the technology emanates from Europe with systems assessed and tested by BBA or CWCT criteria.

Thermal Properties & Fire

All systems are certified to be Class O surface spread of flame. Firebreaks at every floor above the first are incorporated on buildings of three storeys and over to comply with building regulations, Thermal performance varies from 0.45 WM2/K to as low as 0.25 WM2/K.

Rainscreen Cladding

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