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Sound Reduction Systems - Soundproofing & Sound Reduction

Sound Proofing & Sound Reduction

Sound Reduction Systems Ltd are specialists in the field of building acoustics. Their product range is able to deal with the unwanted transmission of sound in many different situations, however, their specialist area is compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document E (2003). SRS Ltd also specialise in the acoustic treatment of office and commercial environments and domestic properties. Please review the product range below to find a solution to your sound problem. Failing that please outline your application using the form below and our technical department will be happy to advise.


Acoustilay is a unique Acoustic flooring underlay. It is designed to be installed as easily and quickly as a conventional carpet underlay but with the additional benefit of acoustic insulation. Acoustilay conforms to the Building Regulations (Approved Document E) for conversions and provides the easiest and most convenient method of improving both the airborne and impact sound insulation of an existing floor. Acoustilay combines excellent soundproofing with all the qualities expected of a good underlay, hard wearing good dynamic loading and a luxury feel. Simply laid onto an existing timber or concrete floor and easily cut with a standard trimming knife, Acoustilay offers the economy of quick installation. It is easily formed to any shape and being between only 10 and 15mm thick it minimises the increase in floor level. Carpet is laid directly on top and fixed using either carpet grippers or adhesive. Three choices are available, Acoustilay 15 and Acoustilay 8 for airborne and impact noise, and Acoustilay 3 for impact noise only.

Acoustilay is used in both commercial and private contracts by housing associations, property companies, developers, builders and private householders. It is ideally installed by carpet or flooring companies.


Maxiboard is a high performance acoustic building board. Suitable for use wherever the passage of sound needs to be attenuated, Maxiboard is ideal in buildings for reducing sound transmission through new or existing walls and floors. Maxiboard can be used alongside existing structures or on its own to form independent partitions or enclosures that provide maximum sound protection in both domestic and commercial applications. Maxiboard is constructed of cement and gypsum with a polymeric core. The composite produces a very strong, high impact resistant board, suitable for taking screws and fixings direct. At only 17mm thick Maxiboard offers maximum performance for minimum thickness. Maxiboard can be used to meet Building Regulations Approved Document E (2003) through floors, walls and ceilings. The Maxi 60 ceiling System and The Maxi HP Partitions also offer 1 hour fire separation.


COUSTIFOAM is a matt black acoustic foam with a fire classification to BS 476 Class 0. Designed for installation over metal or open cell ceilings, it gives good acoustic absorption and also screens the void, obscuring the services and soffit normally visible through this type of ceiling. Available in rolls, or modular sizes in flexible or rigid form, it is simply laid across the back of the ceiling or into the ceiling panels.

COUSTIFOAM is clean and pleasant to handle and very quick to install. A 6mm thick roll will cover 18m2 in one operation. It is easy to cut and therefore ideal for forming around columns or grilles, and being matt black throughout, cut edges are not seen.

COUSTIFOAM is the first choice where acoustic absorption is required or simply to screen the void. It is ideally suited to open cell, perforated metal tray or linear plank systems.


IMPACTAFOAM is an inert crosslinked closed cell polyethylene foam designed to form a resilient layer in a concrete floor construction. It is laid in sheet form as a membrane between a structural concrete floor of mass 300Kgm-2 and the finishing screed or as a soft covering over a floor of mass 365Kgm-2. IMPACTAFOAM batten strips may also be applied to timber battens and used as part of a raft floor.


SoundBlockers provide the most comprehensive system available for reducing the breakout of sound through suspended ceilings. They are ideal for installation where partitions are installed up to the underside of the ceiling, and will stop or reduce the problem commonly found within the office environment of room to room noise. They will also reduce vertical sound transmission between floors, and from services within the ceiling void.

Suitable for most ceiling systems, they are simply placed onto the back of the ceiling tile and can be installed with the ceiling or as a retrofit. Easily removed with the tile, they allow access to the ceiling void. When replaced, their special edge detail re-makes the acoustic seal. Four types are available to meet specific demands. Accessories provide treatment to modular light fittings, down lights, perimeters, air diffusers and small apertures, providing a complete system for limiting sound through suspended ceilings.

SoundBlockers are formed from a rigid attenuating layer bonded to an acoustic foam. The foam absorbs reverberant sound within the ceiling void and makes an acoustic seal to the ceiling grid. Four standard types are available to satisfy varying demands, from the normal office environment to locations where higher levels of sound need to be reduced, in music or industrial applications.


Soundseal is a High Density Impregnated Polyurathane foam strip designed for making an acoustic seal in small gaps or apertures. It is supplied in pre-compressed coils, with a self adhesive backing. Once unwound Soundseal expands to four times its original thickness, sealing the gaps and accommodating irregularities in any surface. It is ideal for use as a sealant between ceilings and partition heads, where partitions abut structural walls, or around the perimeters of floating floors. Clean and easy to use, it can be applied in any situation where a small gap needs to be filled to maintain acoustic integrity. The elasticity and flexibility of Soundseal is such that it will seal gaps between uneven surfaces such as brickwork and concrete, etc. It maintains its elasticity and responds continually to expansion and compression cycles without joint failure. It will remain flexible for the duration of its life. Soundstop is a multi-purpose acoustic barrier, suitable for many applications where the breakout of sound is a problem. In construction it is ideal for use in ceiling voids or within partition walls. For machinery, it can be applied to housings or enclosures. Pleasant and easy to handle, it is formed by bonding lead foil between two layers of Coustifoam. It will mould to most contours and with a thickness of only 13mm takes up the minimum of space. Available in various types and finishes to meet defined specifications it is a most versatile and efficient sound attenuator.


SoundBar 53 is a high performance, flexible acoustic barrier designed to reduce sound transmission through suspended ceiling voids. Installed from the soffit to the partition head, It is ideal where partitions or walls are installed to the underside of a ceiling. For ease and speed of installation, it can be installed from one side by one man. SoundBar 53 can reduce room to room noise by up to 53dB. It provides maximum speech privacy and protection against unwanted noise. Pleasant to handle and easily cut and shaped, it will readily form around services which pass through the barrier. SoundBar 53 is formed with a dense core bonded between two fibrous layers. The outer surface has a reinforced aluminium facing. It is supplied as a system with all accessories for installation.

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