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Kingsmill Industries (UK) - Lighting Columns

Lighting Columns - Street Lighting - Lightweight - Durable

Kingsmill Lighting Columns are a range of safe, lightweight and durable Composite Lighting Columns which offer many features and customisation options.

Innovation in Street Lighting

Kingsmill are proud to introduce a range of safe, lightweight and durable Composite Lighting Columns which offer the customer the ability to customise their design.

  • Lightweight & Safe
  • Aesthetic
  • Customised Design
  • Intelligent
  • Easy to Install
  • Durable & Recyclable


Ambience can be achieved through a combination of external finish and internal lighting. As standard, two colours are available (RAL 7032 and RAL 7042) however, you can order any RAL colour. You can also provide your own design.


Revolutionary to the street lighting industry is the ability to add graphics to the lighting column. The graphic pattern is “locked in” between the gel coat and the composite material, thus being protected from damage. Design your own graphics or logo to add to the Composite Lighting Column.

Internal Lighting

Internal LED lighting is a unique function of the Kingsmill Lighting Column. Enhance the column colour/design and provide stunning featured lighting.The column itself can be illuminated from inside, providing a pleasing ambient lighting effect (as well as it being a safety feature, should the main luminaire fail).


Innovative features set the Kingsmill Lighting Column apart. The hollow composite structure of the Lighting Column can house a wide range of useful functionality.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) points can be incorporated inside a composite pole. The composite material is non-conducting and therefore electrically safe. Many future electric car owners do not have off-street parking and the presence of trailing cables across pavements are a health and safety trip hazard. Combining street lighting with vehicle charging points is a relatively simple and low-cost way of solving this issue.

Enhancing Road Safety

Electrical Safety

Columns are mounted directly in the ground. Glass-polyester composite is an insulating material. A composite column installed directly in the ground does not have any metal parts that require earthing. There is no galvanic connection between the column (directly buried) and active installation wires or control gear. Even in the case of a damaged cable insulation, a wet column surface or vandalisation, the buried column does not create a dangerous touch voltage.

Passive Safety

Passive safety to EN 12767 / 70 NE 2 for motorists and intelligent options for pedestrians, including lighting, call points and CCTV ensures appeal to all. The Kingsmill Composite Column slightly absorbs energy during a collision – after the collision, the colliding vehicle continues but with reduced speed. Columns are certified to EN 40-7:2002.

Luminous Coating

The addition of coated glass microbeads on the surfaces of lighting columns outside schools, hospitals, park entrances and retirement homes or leading up to pedestrian crossings, will reflect the lights of oncoming vehicles, thus warning drivers of their approach to areas where children or the elderly may be crossing.

Luminophore Coating

The column can be manufactured incorporating luminophore. During the day, the luminophore contained in the column stores light energy from the sun. At night it releases that energy as light over its surface. This produces a “delicate light mist” – another attractive landscaping feature.Luminophore is also stimulated by the lights from passing vehicles thus, in the case of power outages, the lighting columns and street edges are still visible to drivers.

Kingsmill Industries

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Kingsmill Industries (UK) Lightin Columns Kingsmill Lighting Product Range

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