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Kingsmill Industries (UK) - Earthing & Lightning Protection

Lightening Protection - Earthing - Surge Protection

Manufacturing Excellence Since 1999

Manufacturing Excellence Since 1999 As a leading manufacturer & supplier of Earthing materials and Lightning protection products, Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd offer a complete solution, protecting vital electronic and electrical systems from damage.

Undeniably, quality assurance is of paramount importance to the company and, to ensure, this, all products are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 62305, BS EN 50164 and BS 7430.

With a wealth of knowledge in structural lightning protection, all products are designed and manufactured to meet British and international standards, without compromising quality or price, with unparalleled technical support.

At Kingsmill, our wealth of knowledge in structural lightning protection, earthing and surge protection gives us the ability to offer leading edge product development and unparalleled technical support. We are sensitive to the needs of our customers and to the requirements of an ever-changing technological world.

Lightning Protection

If an unprotected building were to be struck by lightning the result may be fire, structural damage, damage to the electrical systems / equipment and electric shock. The purpose of a lightning protection scheme is to shield a building, its occupants and contents from these adverse effects. To do this properly the lightning protection system must capture the lightning, lead it safely down to earth, and disperse the energy within the ground. Whether or not a building needs a lightning protection scheme depends on several factors.

Product range includes:

  • Air Terminals
  • Conductors
  • Puddle Flanges
  • Test Clamps
  • Square Clamps
  • DC Clips
  • Early Streamer Emission devices

Kingsmill Lightning Protection Components are tested by The Research and Test Centre – High Voltage and High Current Testing Centre Laboratory – an RvA certified test laboratory. A full test report with certification is produced for all components satisfying the test criteria.


The various standards for earthing provide design limits to be met and together with codes of practice explain how the earthing system can be designed to meet these. There are differences in the design limits applying to consumer installations and to supply industry installations and reference should be made to the correct standard to check the limits which apply in each situation.

In the past, it was normal practice to design an earthing system to achieve a certain impedance value. The earth electrodes being positioned near the equipment where a fault current was expected to pass. Recently, this has changed towards the approach used in North America. The most important difference is that the earthing system is designed to ensure that potentials in its vicinity are below appropriate limits.

Surge Protection

Lightning / Surge protection for electrical and electronic systems to the new British and European standard BS EN 62305-4.

Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd can offer a complete solution to protect vital electrical and electronic systems from damage. Recently introduced standards put equal importance to protecting the electrical installation and electrical equipment as to the building itself.


Kingsmill Industries (UK) is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.

Kingsmill Industries

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