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CMD - Betatrak® The benefits of using an Underfloor Power Distribution System

Power Distribution - Busbars - Construction - CMD

Betatra® powertrack is quick and easy to install and offers an efficient and flexible solution for fixed power distribution. Betatrak® is factory tested in accordance with CMD’s ISO 9001 procedure to ensure a fault free installation. Betatrak® is low maintenance and exceptionally reliable making it the perfect solution in today’s modern construction world.


  • Choice: a comprehensive range of supply systems
  • Flexibility: can be used in new or existing layouts
  • Versatility: all kinds of configurations are possible including bends/corners
  • Safety: colour coded tap offs for easy recognition. Sliding dust covers to protect outlets
  • Height clearance: low profile busbar suitable for shallow floor voids
  • Convenience: variety of Betatrak® lengths with different socket centres. 300mm standard (150mm and 600mm available on request)

Fixed Power Distribution Systems

CMD has a comprehensive range of fixed power distribution products. Betatrak®; powertrack is available as Standard Earth, Clean Earth, Auxiliary Earth, Dual Circuit and Three Phase and has keyed and colour coded tap offs to aid installation.

The 63 Amp Betatrak® system caters for Standard Earth, Clean Earth (CE) Low Noise, Auxiliary Earth, Dual and Three Phase applications and comes in lengths of 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m or 3.6m. As a result, the system is extremely versatile and allows CMD’s Technical Sales Team to offer a system that will deliver power where it is needed most – in offices and commercial spaces.

Floor Boxes

CMD’s ‘Fast Fit’ floor boxes are designed for quick and easy installation and have been designed to comply with BS EN 61534-22: 2014.

Floor boxes are available with 3 and 4 compartments and can be supplied pre-fitted with a range of accessory plates to include; RCD protection, UK switched sockets and data blanks, which can be populated on-site as required.

Floor boxes can also be pre-installed with a 3m Betatrak® tap off to connect to CMD’s standard Earth, Clean Earth (CE) Low Noise, Auxiliary Earth, Dual and Three Phase fixed power distribution systems. The 3m tap offs provide full coverage when the powertrack is laid out 5m apart as detailed in the ‘Installation’ section below.

Each floor box has a self-close lid, which can be fitted with carpet or tile to match the office interior, and two robust cable outlets, which allow the lid to be fully closed when in use.


Betatrak® used within raised access floors is normally arranged in parallel runs with the feed units orientated towards the incoming supply.

This offers an economic format inherent in long straight runs. Spacing is recommended to be a maximum of 5m between each length of powertrack and 2.5m from the perimeter when using a standard 3m tap off to a floor box.

Attention should be given to the total power requirements to avoid exceeding the maximum power rating of the powertrack and to ensure compliance with Appendix 8 of BS 7671 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations.

Starting with the feed unit, remove the dust cover over the colour coded socket and simply snap the integral coupler, pre-installed on the powertrack, into the feed socket.

The next length of track is then fitted to the socket end of the first length of powertrack as previously described, this is then repeated for the following lengths until the run is complete.

On the final length of busbar section, the dust cover supplied is fitted on the final unused coupling point to protect against the ingress of foreign contaminants.

The feed unit is then secured via the slots in the base and the powertrack every 1200mm (max) by using the fixing brackets provided.

Additional Information

Typical layout: one floor box for every 10m².

CMD is registered by BSI to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001. Betatrak® is designed to allow compliance with regulation 434.2 of BS 7671 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations (IEE Wiring Regulations) and 543.7 earthing requirements for the installation of equipment having high protective conductor currents.

The scope of Reg. 543.7.1.203 requires that every final circuit is intended to supply one or more items of equipment, where the total protective conductor current is likely to exceed 10mA. In normal use, shall have a high integrity protective connection.

Betatrak® powertrack has been independently tested and ASTA certified to fully comply with BS EN 61534 and IEC 61534 for powertrack systems.

Due to transport restrictions 3.6m length powertracks have a minimum order requirement of 10 lengths.

Orders of less than 10 units will be supplied as 2x 1.8m lengths per 3.6m length ordered.

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