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TraceTek - Leak Detection

Leak Detection - Alarm Modules - Data Centres - Hospitals - TT1000 - TTC - SZA - MZA - TTA-SIM

Pentair’s Building Solutions’ TraceTek brand leak detection technology provides systems that are simple, reliable and flexible. Our digital control panel provides you with a pinpoint accurate location of any leaks. No matter what your liquid leak detection need is, TraceTek leak detectors are available to suit your application.


Use TraceTek leak protection in ...

  • Office buildings
  • Specialised data facilities
  • Internet data centres
  • Banking & insurance buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Museums, libraries & archives

... to monitor & protect:

  • Overhead piping above operating rooms, intensive care facilities, executive offices, high value space & other sensitive areas
  • Communications equipment
  • Computer rooms: under raised floors & around HVAC equipment
  • Lift pits & lift motor rooms
  • Valuable artwork, data archives & documents
  • High value “Up Time” applications
  • Transaction processing systems (ATM, credit card, etc)



  • TT1000 sensor cable for water detection in commercial applications
  • TT1000-POINT-PROBE for spot detection of water in commercial applications
  • TT3000 sensor cable for aqueous chemical detection
  • TT-FFS Fast Fuel Sensor, detects liquid hydrocarbons, fuels & oils (not water)
  • TT5000 sensor cable for detection of oil, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel & other fuels
  • TT5001 sensor cable for detection of organic solvents such as acetone, ethanol, MEK, & xylene
  • TT7000 strong acid leak cables
  • Float switches, level switches, & other contact closing devices can also be utilised with TraceTek systems

Alarm Modules

  • TTA-SIM single zone, commercial grade wall-mount alarm module
  • TTC single zone, industrial grade DIN rail mountable alarm module
  • SZA/MZA/multiple zone alarm module

Alarm & Locating Modules

  • TTTSIZ touchscreen alarm & locating module
  • TTDM-128 alarm & locating module with digital communication capability
  • TTSIM sensor interface module with digital communication capability

Please refer to the Technical Section of this Notebook for further details.

TraceTek Leak Detection Systems are available in the UK & Ireland through:

Aquilar Leak Detection Systems

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Authorised Distributor:
Aquilar Ltd
Weights & Measures House
20 Barttelot Road
West Sussex
RH12 1DQ

Email Pentair (TraceTek)

Tel: 01403 216100
Fax: 01403 216109

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