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Power Capacitors - Power Factor Correction Equipment

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Power Capacitors Limited is “Power Factor Correction” having specialised in all aspects of power quality since 1973.

Power Capacitors Ltd supplies capacitors for Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filters and Power Electronics applications to Industrialists, Equipment Manufacturers, Electricity Supply Companies and Contractors alike.

Quality - Second to None

Working within the policies of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 approval, all equipment is manufactured and tested to all appropriate standards.

Power Factor Correction - Multiple Benefits

Power Factor Correction, when correctly specified, completely removes the charges levied on consumers with a poor power factor, and the savings achieved can amount to many thousands of pounds a year. The reduction in loading on electrical distribution equipment increases supply capacity, reduces losses and also reduces CO2 emissions.

Capacitor Products - Total Capability

The comprehensive range of capacitor products available enables almost every requirement for power factor correction to be satisfied by a standard product. Where a solution does not already exist, our specialist engineers are able to offer a custom solution, designed specially around a particular set of requirements.

Automatic Systems

To meet the diverse needs of ALL industries and applications, Power Capacitors has developed three distinct ranges of automatic PFC systems:

PowerCab - BlueLine

Designed with unparalleled performance and reliability in mind, the BlueLine range offers the most robust solution bar none for the most demanding applications, with the emphasis on performance and extended lifetime.

PowerCab - GreenLine

Intended for the ‘Standard Industrial’ application, the GreenLine range provides the simplest solution to whatever Power Factor Correction scheme is required. With standard ratings available to over 500kVAr in a single cubicle, the compact dimensions enable us to meet constraints our competitors cannot.


The EnviroCab range offers a technically compliant and cost-effective solution to smaller equipment requirements. Ratings from 10kVAr to 75kVAr meet the most cost-sensitive requirements in ways our competitors can’t match.

Better Components = Lower Losses

By using better specified components across the whole range of designs, Power Capacitors’ equipment has lower losses than its competitors.

This difference can amount to a significant financial saving, for example, a 300kVAr detuned system from one of the ‘market leading’ PFC companies would cost over £350 per annum more to operate than our BlueLine system.

Where cost of ownership is more important than a low initial purchase price, Power Capacitors offers the optimum solution.

Capacitor Maintenance - Total Service

Power Factor Correction equipment is a piece of capital equipment and regular maintenance is essential. Regular servicing ensures that the rated output is maintained, maximising the financial and technical benefits.

Unlike our competitors, Power Capacitors Ltd is able to service and repair every LV capacitor installation, regardless of manufacturer.

Our team of fully qualified and experienced specialist Capacitor Engineers perform these services across the whole of the UK.

Technical Support & Site Services

The services performed by the company’s specialist engineers include:

  • Power Factor Surveys performed free of charge on the UK mainland
  • Load Profiling with report & recommendations
  • Harmonic Surveys with full technical report & recommendations
  • Installation of Capacitor Equipment

Surge Suppression – The Power Capacitors ‘PowerSoak’ Surge Arrestor

There is no business today which would not suffer from the failure of a piece of sensitive equipment as a result of a mains-borne voltage spike. The safe attenuation of mains-borne spikes and short-term surges is an important part of any co-ordinated power quality strategy. Power Capacitors Ltd is able to offer a “one-size fits all’ approach, which is easily understood and simple to integrate into an existing distribution system.

Power Factor Correction

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