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ABB Power Grids - Power Factor Correction Solutions

Power Factor Correction- ABB - Power Grids - Purpose Built Facility

ABB offers a complete power quality service for networks from low (LV) to high voltage (HV), including site surveys and consultancy, power factor correction (PFC) and active harmonic filtering equipment.

Why poor power factor (PF) matters to you

Your site’s Power Factor (PF) is the relationship between the active and reactive power on the network. It measures how effectively you use the electricity you buy. In an ideal world, it would be one (unity). In many cases it is much lower – sometimes down to 0.5

When you have a poor PF, you are effectively burning money; and high energy bills, with the added risk of financial penalties, are only part of the problem. Power Factor also impacts network reliability and its capacity to add new loads when your business expands.

ABB’s complete service can help address your PF issues. This includes a free, no-obligation, site survey, recommendations and the manufacture and installation of the ideal PFC (Power Factor Correction) equipment based on our new APCQ automatic capacitor banks that offer:

  • Proven technology
  • Wall & floor mounted options
  • Complete auto set-up
  • Easy to install & operate using our RVC & RVT power factor controllers
  • Safety & Reliability

For panel builders we also provide individual capacitor shelves that enable panel builders to incorporate our PFC technology within their own low voltage panels.

Detuned Installations & Network Studies

The presence of harmonic currents can cause unacceptable disturbances in your supply network and adversely affect the operation of other electrical equipment, including PFC.

ABB’s power quality specialists can carry out a harmonic study of the network. If harmonics are present, we offer suitable capacitor and active filter solutions.

Active Harmonic Filters

ABB PQF active filters offer the following system benefits:

  • Reduced power system downtime to avoid expensive losses of production
  • Increased system efficiency & reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Compliance with the strictest power quality regulations thanks to a unique control concept, avoiding penalties and/or refusal by utilities to connect installations to the electrical grid
  • No detailed network analysis required, with rapid & easy solution implementation
  • Not over-loadable, thanks to the active concept, hence well adapted to LV installations where loads are upgraded frequently


Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks

The ABBACUS family of metal enclosed capacitor banks (MECB) is a ‘one stop’ solution for maintaining power quality in medium voltage networks. It improves power quality by compensating reactive power, improving power factor or passively mitigating harmonics. The ABBACUS A, B, C, D and E-Series model ranges combine primary components with secondary control and protection equipment in compact modular enclosures to cover a wide range of applications, functions and outputs for voltages up to 38kV.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

ABB’s range of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) combine bi-directional inverters based on power electronics with lithium-ion technology. They are designed for commercial and industrial installations in behind the meter applications such as peak shaving, solar self-consumption, energy resilience and frequency response services for the grid. The inverters also support power quality by providing reactive power, voltage balancing and harmonic mitigation. The BESS also offers black start capability to restore power quickly in the event of an outage without an external energy source.

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