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ABB Power Grids - Power Factor Correction Solutions

Power Factor Correction Products - Maintenance

ABB is a unique UK manufacturer offering a complete power quality service for networks from low (LV) to high voltage (HV), including power factor correction (PFC) and active harmonic filtering equipment. ABB's expert team provides comprehensive consultancy services that help customers to identify their power quality issue and can then deliver the perfect solution, either using off the shelf or bespoke equipment. The benefits of getting power quality right include:

  • Load reduction to make better use of existing power network infrastructure
  • Reduced energy costs & CO2 emissions
  • Elimination of system harmonic distortion to meet ENA G5/4-1 requirements

Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Solutions

Reactive power, often referred to as “useless” power, builds up magnetic fields. Incorrect management of reactive power can give rise to losses in machinery and components as well as affecting power transmission voltages, limiting the utilisation of electrical equipment and attracting unnecessary extra penalty charges on electricity bills. ABB automatic capacitor banks offer:

  • Proven technology
  • Wall & floor mounted options
  • Complete auto set-up
  • Easy to install & operate using our RVC & RVT PF controllers
  • Reliable & safe

We also provide individual capacitor shelves that enable panel builders to incorporate ABB's PFC technology within their own low voltage panels.

Detuned Installations & Network Studies

The presence of harmonic currents can cause unacceptable disturbances in the supply network and adversely affect the operation of other electrical equipment, including power factor correction capacitors.

On request, ABB’s power quality specialists will carry out a harmonic study of the network. If harmonics are present, we offer suitable capacitor and active filter solutions.

Active Harmonic Filters

ABB PQF active filters offer the following system benefits:

  • Reduced power system downtime to avoid expensive losses of production
  • Increased system efficiency & reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Compliance with the strictest power quality regulations thanks to a unique control concept, avoiding penalties and/or refusal by utilities to connect installations to the electrical grid
  • No detailed network analysis required, with rapid & easy solution implementation of the solution
  • Not over-loadable, thanks to the active concept, hence well adapted to LV installations where loads are upgraded frequently

Power Quality Surveys

ABB offers a free, no-obligation power quality survey. We then work with you to design and install the ideal power factor solution for your site.

Total Service Approach

ABB is committed to a total power quality equipment and service approach that goes well beyond supplying just the equipment. Thanks to the unrivalled technical backup of the global ABB organisation, we support our customers through every step of the project, from establishing the problem, identifying the ideal solution and then installing and commissioning your power quality equipment.

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