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PMA UK - Cable Protection & Management Systems

Cable Protection - Fire Barrier Solutions - Conduits - Cable Management Systems

With over 6,500 products to our name; covering all manner of industries, we are proud to be one of the leading brands in cable protection solutions and now proudly identified under ABB’s low voltage division.

Each solution is tested way beyond industry standards, including IEC 61386 and UL 1696. This means that not only do we know and understand entirely the breaking point of each conduit, the amount of pressure or extremes of temperature they can withstand, but also how they behave under these pressures. Testing our products to breaking point means we can continue to produce conduits perfectly suited to all conditions and situations of the highest quality.

Cutting-edge materials are used to produce our conduits, ensuring prolonged resistance from the most common causes of damage to cables, including: vermin, deterioration from age and static in hazardous areas.

Unique benefits

  • 33 different types of conduit: light to heavy, flexible to highly flexible, conduit size from Ø 6mm to 125mm, mono-layer & multi-layer
  • A safe, reliable system that is easy to install
  • Vibration proof connectors
  • Conduits specially approved e.g. CSA, UL Recognition, NFR, SNCF, DB

Conduits to protect humans & cables

  • PMAFLEX Pro – conduits for previously unattained performance levels
  • PMAFLEX Multilayer – conduits (X-Series) based upon advanced multi-layer extrusion technology allowing the manufacture of three layer corrugated conduits combining the best characteristics of different materials on inner & outer layers
  • PMAFLEX – offers mono-layer conduits for demanding technical applications
  • PMA Divisible System – divisible conduits for repairs, retrofit & pre-loomed applications
  • PMA Smart Line – conduits with an excellent price/performance for various applications
  • NEW Fire Barrier Solutions – single & double-sided fire barrier solutions for cable protection systems
  • NEW Light Rail – conduits & fittings offering a high mechanical performance & fire safety certification up to EN45545-2 HL3 internal

Connectors with patented safety clip system

  • IP69K - Highest sealing through a fully closed system
  • IP68GT - Single piece fitting with integrated sealing cap & pre-installed locking clip. Simple push-in assembly (as with the proven IP66 system)
  • IP68 – Recommended for the highest dynamic applications. Fits any type of conduit profile (T&G) with excellent pull-out strength
  • IP66 - One piece fitting, conical sealing method, easy “push-in” installation with pre-installed clip

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