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nVent Pyrotenax - Fire Performance & Power Cables

Fire Survival - MI Cables - Mineral Insulated - Critical Power - Construction Products Directive

nVent Pyrotenax (Pyro) Wire & Cable Systems provide an unparalleled standard in performance cables for fire survival, communications and power applications - Fact!

The product portfolio comprises the Pyro MI (Mineral Insulated) cables for critical building systems, including fire alarms, emergency lighting and other vital power applications.

Pyro MI cable systems achieve the highest standards in fire safety and exceed the requirements of “Approved Document B” of the Building Regulations (Effective April 2007).

Fire Survival in Fire Alarm Applications (BS 5839)

Pyro MI cables are the only true fire survival option. During a fire, even BS5839 approved polymeric alternatives burn, significantly reducing their structural integrity, mechanical strength and resistance to mechanical impact from falling debris.

Pyro MI cables do not, making them the safest choice in every application, regardless of approvals.

Pyro MI cables hold BS5839-1 approval from the LPCB and are listed on www.redbooklive.com

Remember, not all manufacturers have this quality listing.

Critical Power Applications
(BS 7346-6:2005, replacing BS 6387)

Pyro MI cables continue to provide the ideal solution for supplying power to critical systems.

Consider BS 7346-6:2005 Components for Smoke and Heat Control Systems – Specifications for Cable Systems; MI is the only cost-effective, performance cable for life safety, fire fighting and property protection systems.

Significantly, many polymeric power cables (previously compliant with BS 6387) do not reach the minimum performance requirements of BS 7346.

Those that do are large, heavy, cumbersome, and expensive to install. Smaller, lightweight MI cables are the only solution and do not react to, or contribute to, a fire (important in the impending Euro classification of cables within the Construction Products Directive (CPD).

With the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, Pyro MI cables offer a reduced risk option when compared with all electrical “standard” compliant alternatives.

Pyro MI = Peace of MInd.

Other Benefits of Pyro MI:

  • Bare cables are 100% recyclable (copper is completely re-usable)
  • Product is non-ageing, offering the longest life expectancy
  • High temperature resistance, without reducing life expectancy
  • Useful in mitigating “harmonic” loads from a buildings electrical products
  • High current carrying capacity

Pyrotenax Track History

  • T5 Heathrow Airport
  • Channel Tunnel
  • Dubai International Airport
  • 1 Fifty Cheapside, London (pictured)
  • Dublin Airport, Ireland
  • Louise T Blouin Institute, (Art Gallery), Olaf Street, London
  • Centrale Shopping Centre, Croydon
  • 1 Finsbury Circus, London

Fire performance

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Pentair Pyrotenax fire performance, power cables fire alarm applications

Top image: 1 Fifty Cheapside, London (Photo courtesy of Virtual Artworks)

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