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Eaton Electric - LV / MV Control & Distribution

Medium-Voltage Switchgear - Transformers - Low Voltage - Distribution Boards - Eaton Electric

Eaton is a global technology leader in diversified power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, effectively, safely and sustainably.

Eaton is the Only Supplier of a Complete SF6-free Switchgear Product Range Carrying the SF6-free Logo

  • Xiria Ring Main Units -
    Making power distribution SF6-free & environmentally-friendly due to maintenance-free air-insulation & rock-solid vacuum switching
  • Power Xpert® FMX Switchgear -
    Not only SF6-free, but also particularly impressive in a Green Building with its reduced maintenance requirement, compact design, recyclable materials & exceptionally energy-efficient operation
  • Power Xpert® UX -
    An innovative & compact air insulated switchgear system featuring the latest in withdrawable vacuum circuit-breakers

Packaged Substation - Maximum Energy Efficiency in the Smallest of Spaces

Eaton’s packaged substation combines medium-voltage switchgear, transformers and low-voltage distribution boards in a single, compact housing. This allows the local conversion of medium voltage into low voltage with precision and minimal power losses. Now only a single system is installed exactly where the respective voltages are required.

Bringing together both worlds in one system makes long running low-voltage cables a thing of the past while simplifying installation and maintenance. This has a positive effect on energy costs because medium voltage cables are much more energy efficient than low voltage cables.

9x Faster Metering Installation in New MCCB Panelboards

The easy-to-fit plug-and-play metering facilities in Eaton’s Memshield 3 MCCB panelboards makes installation up to 9x faster than before. Memshield 3 MCCB panelboards have set new standards for versatility and for fast, convenient installation by offering these easy-to-fit plug-and-play metering facilities, as well as offering provision for incorporating surge and lightning protection, the ability to accommodate four-pole incoming devices with optional earth-leakage protection and enhanced mechanical construction.

Instead of having to make up to 42 individual connections to wire an energy meter - a task that typically takes around 90 minutes and is error prone because of the large number of connections - users of the new panelboards only need make a few simple plug-in connections. The risk of errors is eliminated and a meter is easily wired in less than 10 minutes and up to 9x faster.

The panelboards can be supplied in versions that accommodate incoming devices rated up to 800A and outgoing devices rated from 16A to 400A. They are available with 6 and 12 outgoing ways in all ratings, with selected ratings also available in 18 way versions. At the low-current end of the range, 250A incomer boards are additionally offered in 4 and 8-way versions that provide convenient and cost-effective solutions for small installations. All models meet the requirements of IEC 61439-2, with Form 3b, Type 2 separation.

Power Xpert® Busbar

The Eaton range of Power Xpert® Busbar ranges are tested to the latest IEC 61439-6 standards and make for the perfect choice where flexibility and reliability are key to a project's success.

Busbar systems complement Eaton’s low voltage distribution equipment from packaged substations and LV distribution switchboards to a complete selection of fused switchgear, circuit breaker systems and motor control gear products.

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