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Cerberus PRO - Emergency Evacuation - Fire Protection - True Open Protocol - ASA technology™

Cerberus PRO - True Open Protocol
Without False Alarms

Cerberus PRO provides innovative fire safety and emergency evacuation systems, delivered through our Solution Partners.

We are known as a market leader in fire protection and were the first manufacturer to offer automatic smoke detectors. Our products are backed by over 160 years' experience and know-how, ensuring the most reliable detection of real fires and with the highest immunity to false alarms.

Cerberus PRO is available exclusively from our Approved Solution Partners. Companies who have gained “Solution Partner” status are fully trained in the application, engineering and commissioning of the Cerberus PRO fire detection system.

True Open Protocol

Cerberus PRO offers clients True Open Protocol, allowing easy connection and integration of the system with 3rd party systems using industry standard communications protocols via BACnet, OPC and ModBus.

Cerberus PRO also offers the end client a choice of service providers from our partners that have invested in training on the product and its unique advantages, therefore enabling the end customer to make an informed decision about the competence of the individuals and organisations employed to look after their life-safety system.

ASAtechnology™ -
Virtually Eliminate False Alarms

Cerberus PRO virtually eliminates false alarms yet offers the earliest reliable smoke detection with ASAtechnology™ (Advanced Signal Analysis). It can distinguish between real fires and deceptive phenomena (e.g. cigarette smoke, steam, aerosols, exhaust fumes, dry ice, dust… even burnt toast) providing reliable, fast detection and ensuring no possibility of false alarms.

Cerberus FC 360

This is the ideal solution for small to medium sized applications like nursing homes, schools, shops, hotels, etc. At the heart of the system is an addressable 1-loop fire control panel that can connect up to 126 C-NET detectors and peripheral devices.

Smart & Safe Fire Safety Systems

  • Fire detectors increase safety thanks to their distributed intelligence: important decisions are made on the spot in the detector
  • Remote servicing & diagnostics built into every panel
  • Turbo isolation in every device, ensuring disruption-free alarming when you need it most
  • Full CPR approvals for all EN54 product standards including EN54-13
  • Degrade mode functionality is integrated throughout the system
  • Only EN54 compliant IP based network
  • Full compliance with BS 7273 Part 4 Category A

Industry Seminars & Training

To further support our customers, Siemens holds regular training courses at The Fire Service College at Moreton-in-Marsh. Delegates can view live fire demonstrations and gain a greater understanding of fire safety and risk assessment and the impact of the RRFSO and CFOA policies on reducing false alarms.

We are also able to offer our clients BS 5839 courses accredited by the IFE to ensure that your personnel are up to date with the latest standards.

Fire Safety

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