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Piller UK - Critical Power Module (CPM)

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Since its formation by Anton Piller in 1909, the Company has emerged as the undisputed world leader in the supply of high-performance rotary UPS and power conditioning products, providing peace of mind protection to leading names in the financial, broadcasting, data centre, and industrial sectors. Piller uniquely manufactures both rotary and static UPS solutions as well as a range of other power management products including voltage stabilisers, frequency converters and static transfer switches. Piller UK provides Sales, Project Management and After-Sales Service to the UK and Ireland. The strength and depth of our UK Field Service Engineers combined with strategic spares stores across the UK ensures we continue to provide our customers with unparalleled service and support.

Products & Solutions Offered

  • PowerBridge™ Kinetic Energy Store
  • UNIBLOCK™ Rotary UPS
  • AP Premium+ Static UPS
  • APOTRANS Static Transfer Switches
  • APOJET Ground Power Units
  • Service & Project Delivery
  • Temporary UPS Rental

Nothing Protects Your Reputation Quite Like Piller

Introducing the Piller Critical Power Module

A new concept in UPS Technology to revolutionise power protection within mission critical facilities. The Piller Critical Power Module (CPM) has been designed with the specific needs of the modern enterprise data centre in mind, allowing designers to radically change their thinking for the provision of continuous power conditioning.

  • Energy Saving

    The CPM concept brings together a highly efficient and reliable energy store with a five mode uninterruptible power system. There are two principle modes providing real power protection combined with exceptional efficiency as high as 98%* and even higher efficiencies in ECO mode. Efficiency improvements run throughout this design, however, by integrating the energy store and utilising innovative cooling techniques, the CPM benefits from wide environmental operating characteristics that allow the elimination of air conditioning used in conventional battery systems. For cooling of the unit itself, the designer can choose between white space installation, where use of the IT cooling system can be made or traditional plant room installation.
  • Space Saving

    By replacing batteries with an integrated energy store, up to 75% of the space normally taken up can be saved. Additional building space for battery air conditioning, switchgear and cabling is also eliminated. The units can be mounted with power distribution units on pre-assembled skids for rapid deployment with minimal on-site commissioning and testing.
  • Minimised Service

    The Piller CPM has a very low-level maintenance regime compared with other systems. There are no battery inspections or autonomy tests to perform and major maintenance intervals are much longer than for most other systems. No substantial work is necessary within the first 10 years of service.
  • Innovative Cooling

    Key elements of the CPM system are cooled by a self-contained heat exchange system that removes heat at the component surface more efficiently and effectively than conventional air cooling.
  • Modular/Scalable

    CPM units can be configured in a variety of different ways and systems of units can be extended to meet the increase in mission critical loads with time. Scaling up the CPM system is more straightforward than a solution with batteries and requires little in the way of site preparation.
  • Software Technology

    A fully controllable and highly responsive power stage and energy store allows operation of the CPM to be optimised by algorithm according to pre-selection or auto-sensing. Further enhancement of low load efficiency is possible in multi-module systems by use of Enhanced Redundancy Mode (ERM), which optimises the number of units running whilst maintaining required redundancy levels.
  • Communications & Monitoring

    In addition to the latest communication protocols and interfaces you might expect from Piller, the CPM comes with the option to install an Android or iOS App that gives authorised personnel an immediate and mobile status report for any CPM system anywhere in the world.**

*480V 60Hz without DC store.
** Subject to network coverage and security settings.
iOS is a registered trademark of the Apple Corp.

Benefits Of The PILLER CPM 300

  • Reduced real estate requirements
  • Increased net revenue - generating floor space
  • Low service intervention & costs
  • Five operating modes
  • Rapid deployment
  • Reduced ancillary assets
  • Increased critical power density
  • Lower losses overall
  • Guaranteed GenSet partnership
  • Multiple power configurations
  • Efficiency without compromise

Critical Power Module

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