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ABB Electrification Products - Industrial Solutions
Panel / Distribution Boards

ArcWatch™ - Power Distribution - Arc Flash Protection

Leading Safety Technology

Every day Compromise:

Personnel & Property Protection vs. Selective Trip Settings

  • High set or non-instantaneous circuit breakers sacrifice people & property protection for selective coordination
  • Current limiting molded case circuit breakers are quick to respond & provide excellent protection, but are challenging to coordinate for selectivity
  • Maintenance switches sacrifice coordination for protection

Your power distribution system can be selective without sacrificing arc flash protection. ArcWatch™ = A balanced solution

ArcWatch™ is powered by Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI) and Wave Form Recognition (WFR).

I-ZSI allows intelligent communication between circuit breakers like traditional ZSI, but adds interlocking of the INST protections of the trip units. This allows more sensitive and fast-acting circuit breakers to be selective when responding to a fault. Each circuit breaker will only operate when needed and act as back up only when necessary.

GE’s I-ZSI capability provides the fastest interlocked protection in the industry. You can get instantaneous protection, selectively, regardless of the size of your system or main circuit breaker.

WFR provides current limiting devices with the intelligence to recognise the operation of downstream devices. An Instantaneous algorithm allows a feeder circuit breaker to be set very sensitive and still provide selectivity, while providing instantaneous protection where you need it. What's more, the setting is not dependent on a complex coordination study; it simply depends on the device with which you are trying to be selective. When paired with GE current limiting molded case circuit breakers, WFR allows lower INST pick-up settings while maintaining full selective coordination.

Only GE’s ArcWatch™ solution provides arc flash protection and instantaneous selective coordination – simultaneously!

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