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EURO-DIESEL UK - No-Break KS® Mechanical / Electrical Features

Rotary Dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supply - No-Break KS Mechanical - Electrical Features

System Construction

The external appearance of EURO-DIESEL’s NO-BREAK KS® rotary UPS system is similar to a conventional generating set. It consists of a diesel engine coupled by means of an electromagnetic clutch to a stato-alternator, which is the combination of a synchronous machine and a kinetic energy accumulator.

A choke and 3 circuit breakers are also included.

Operating Modes

In conditioning mode, when the mains is within tolerance, the stato-alternator is acting as a synchronous motor, driving the kinetic energy accumulator and storing kinetic energy within it.

In independent mode, on mains failure or voltage deviations, breaker QD1 opens and the stored kinetic energy is retrieved and transferred to the synchronous machine, which is now acting as a generator. This occurs without any interruption to the downstream load.

Shortly after mains failure, the diesel engine is started and coupled to the synchronous machine by closing the electromagnetic clutch.

The energy is then provided to the synchronous generator by the diesel engine for a period only limited by the amount of fuel available on site.


Single Stand-Alone Unit
For simple low component count reliability.

Dual Output
A dual output design can be configured to provide site critical and non-critical loads, removing the requirement for gensets. There are variations of this design to suit isolated or non-isolated schemes.

Parallel Redundant N or N+1
Parallel LV or MV solutions can be configured to allow redundancy and capacity, expansion and modularity.

Dual Bus N or N+1
In higher tier requirements and to remove the single point of failure in a Tier II solution, a double busbar design can be provided. This allows for isolation and maintenance of individual machines and output switchgear sections. LV or MV alternators are available.

2N or 2N+1 High Availability
Two totally separate parallel redundant systems can be configured to meet Tier IV and 2N or 2N+1 requirements. The output busbars are synchronised, allowing seamless load transfers.

Isolated Parallel
This arrangement enables multiple LV systems to be paralleled with an interposing choke limiting the short circuit of the output. This removes the need to have special output switchboards. EURO-DIESEL has developed both IP Ring and IP Star configurations, allowing for multi MV installations meeting Tier III and Tier IV requirements.

EURO-DIESEL’s IP system provides significant advantages over conventional configurations: higher loaded units at all times; higher overall efficiency; improved fault tolerance; simple load sharing; reduction in the number of modules; isolation between units and simple maintainability. The KS-VISION® control system is configured to match this solution without the need for a master controller and therefore removing single points of failure.

How is Kinetic Energy Stored?

The kinetic energy accumulator consists of two rotating parts; the outer rotor (or accurotor) runs mechanically free around the inner rotor.

The inner rotor, driven by the central shaft, rotates at 1500 rpm (50Hz) or 1800 rpm (60Hz). It is provided with two sets of windings: a three phase AC winding and a DC winding.

In conditioning mode, the AC winding is energised to generate a rotating magnetic field that accelerates the outer rotor to approximately 3000 rpm. The net relative speed between the inner and outer ring of the bearings is only 1500 rpm, since the shaft itself is rotating at 1500 rpm. The outer rotor (accurotor) stores kinetic energy more effectively than a design with an inner rotor, since the amount of kinetic energy increases quadratically with the distance from the centre of rotation.

In independent mode, the DC winding is energised and the outer rotor is coupled to the inner rotor by induction. Its kinetic energy is transferred to the inner rotor with the result of driving the inner rotor and connected generator rotor. The energy transfer is regulated by accurately controlling the current injected into the DC winding.

Note: The stato-alternator is a totally brushless machine.


EURO-DIESEL can offer class leading control and monitoring as standard. The HMI is simplicity itself for the operator to not only control the NO-BREAK KS® systems but also to instantly retrieve and review historical system information as well as critical events.

A master control panel is not required, saving additional space and interfacing requirements providing the advantage of enhanced resilience, no single point of failure and robustness with a EURO-DIESEL installation.

  • Touch screen HMI
  • Ethernet link with a network or PC
  • Dynamic IP address for external web-based connectivity
  • USB plug-in for downloads of events history and data logging
  • Automatic recognition of single or parallel configuration
  • Intelligent diesel start reduction and ride through
  • Peak-shaving and STOR/FDCM/FFR economy options
  • Energy saving features in conditioning mode

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Tel: 01285 640 879
Fax: 01285 652 509

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