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E-TEC Power Management - Turnkey Data Centre Solutions

Turnkey Data Centre - Computer Room Solutions - Case Studies

E-TEC works closely with clients to design, implement and support complete “Best-in-Class” data centre infrastructure solutions to ensure maximum availability for facilities and critical processes. From small computer rooms to large scale data centres, E-TEC specialises in providing complete turnkey solutions involving the full integration of power supply, control and monitoring, physical and environmental infrastructure, network management and monitoring, fire protection and security.

Client Focus & Commitment

E-TEC Power Management Ltd has undertaken projects across a broad and varied range of market sectors, with each project presenting its own unique requirements and challenges. Our technical knowledge, combined with our focus and commitment to our clients, has enabled E-TEC to provide tailored solutions to the highest design standards. As a company, we continue to grow and develop this reputation with an ever expanding blue-chip customer base.

Case Study Summary No. 1

(22MW Co-Location Data Centre)

Project Type: Full EMS & PMS Installation | London

Project Brief: A complete Power Management System used to monitor the incoming supplies down to final cabinet distribution and manage the critical power throughout a 22MW co-location data centre. The additional requirement to interface with the existing UPS Systems and Generators meant a site wide monitoring package was required.

The Role of E-TEC: To install over 500 primary and secondary energy monitoring power quality analysis meters throughout the data centre, capturing power consumption, transients and events.

Scope of Supply: The data from these meters is captured via our e-Power Energy Management Software in order to provide full visibility of site critical power and energy usage 24/7. Monitoring scope consisted of:

  • 104 Intelligent PDUs
  • Static Transfer Switches
  • 12 x 4000A UPS Switchboards
  • 4 x 4000A Double Ended Package Substations
  • Chillers
  • 68 x HV Switchgear Sections monitored across six switchboards
  • 10 x 2.5 MVA Generators split across two power stations

Case Study Summary No. 2

(Business & Financial News, Media Sector)

Project Type: Generator Upgrade | London

Project Brief: Remove and relocate existing generator radiators to create space for the new equipment. Design, supply and install 2 No. 2.5 MVA diesel generators in bespoke acoustic enclosures, together with all associated control systems and auxiliary equipment.

Project Description: The client appointed E-TEC to carry out the generator upgrade works at their prestigious London data centre. E-TEC was chosen for our specialist experience in the provision and execution of particularly difficult projects such as this. In short, an external location on the ninth floor was chosen for the new equipment which was already occupied with two large cooling radiators serving the existing sets. Since the proposed location for the new equipment was away from the central core of the building, the weight limitation of loading allowed per square metre was dramatically less than the proposed load to be installed. The solution was a radical design change which saw the cooling radiators sited remotely from the engine and suspended on steelwork from the floor above. The engine exhaust silencers were acoustically housed and suspended in the same way. To raise the equipment to high level prior to locating and building the generators and associated acoustic housings in situ, extensive steel work adaptations, temporary removals and extended crane operations were required.

Design Criteria & Scope of Supply:

  • Design, supply & install 2 No. 2.5 MVA diesel generators together with all associated control systems & auxiliary equipment
  • Bespoke acoustic enclosures designed to achieve a maximum noise level of 65 dB(A) @ 1m
  • Generators were unable to be installed in conventional form due to a major weight restriction
  • Project management, crane lifting, logistics & sequencing were required to locate the new equipment to the ninth floor
  • Integration of the new E-TEC control & monitoring system with existing live equipment & controls

Case Study Summary No. 3

(Financial Sector)

Project Type: Data Centre Enhancement | M25

Project Brief: Design, supply and install 5 No. 2.5 MVA HV diesel generators in bespoke acoustic enclosures, together with all associated control systems and equipment.

Project Description: When originally established, the data centre was supported by 4 No. 2.5 MVA LV generators. The decision was made to extend and enhance the data centre capacity and to upgrade all support services to suit; E-TEC Power Management Ltd was selected to provide all aspects of the new power generation requirement. As well as new MV generators, the contract included provision of an additional 60,000 litre bulk fuel tank with all associated pipe work and controls, feeding fuel via a ring main circuit to 1000 litre double skinned day tanks, located adjacent to the generating set within the acoustic enclosures.

Design Criteria & Scope of Supply:

  • Design, supply & installation of 5 No. 2.5 MVA sets powered by MTU 20V4000G23 engines, complete with switchgear & control systems
  • Integration of the new control system with the existing generator control switchgear
  • Provision of modular acoustic enclosures to achieve a specified noise level of 68 dB(A) @ 1m with all sets running
  • Extension of fuel farm & fuel control system to cater for additional sets
  • There was to be absolutely zero risk of power loss to the building whilst the new system was commissioned & made ‘live’
  • Installation of complete SCADA Control System, additional MV Switchgear & modifications to existing LV Switchgear

E-TEC Power Management Ltd Provides:

  • Standby Generating Systems - 20 kVA to 3 MVA +
  • Energy & Building Management Systems
  • SCADA & Remote Monitoring
  • UPS Systems & Switchgear - 3 kVA to 2 MW +
  • LV & MV Switchgear - LV up to 6000A & MV up to 1200A
  • Fuel Storage Supply & Control Systems
  • Ventilation & Cooling Systems
  • Server Rooms & Rack Systems
  • Raised Flooring & Room Fit Out
  • Data Power & Control Cabling
  • Energy Efficient Lighting & Variable Speed Drives
  • Fire, Security, Access Control & Video Monitoring Systems
  • Building Construction & Civil Works

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