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Digital Paralleling Systems & Switchgear

PowerCommand® Digital Master Controllers are designed and manufactured around standardised control blocks - delivering increased reliability, flexibility and performance. Digital Master Controllers (DMC) provide seamless interface between the generator(s), PowerCommand® Controller (PCC), the site switchgear and distribution systems. Furthermore, the DMC is a fully automatic controller suitable for unattended applications. DMCs are configurable for use in many power systems’ architectures, including isolated bus paralleling and infinite bus (utility) applications.

DMC 8000 PowerCommand® Integrated Power System Digital Controls


We designed the DMC 8000 with the user in mind. The customisable touch-screen interface creates an easy, secure and enjoyable experience for every user.

The screen settings can be expanded to fit your needs and are designed to ensure that the user requires fewer navigational clicks to operate the system. Built-in help screens provide the assistance a user needs at the touch of the screen.

With available remote access and monitoring, users can securely access the control system from multiple monitoring platforms.

Scalability & Customisation

The DMC 8000 is easy to expand and modify to the configuration of the system by way of its load demand control sequences which can be tailored at the operator interface. In addition, the system design allows for in-field modifications as your site needs change over time.

Security & Redundancy

System security and fail-safe performance are paramount. As part of Cummins’ culture of dependability, we performed extensive prototype testing and built rigorous failure mode response into the DMC 8000 to provide best-in-class performance reliability and system uptime in potentially disruptive scenarios.

Built on Cummins' Power-of-One platform, the DMC 8000’s single-system design means all of its elements work together harmoniously and seamlessly, providing the highest degree of design and performance control.

For engineers, this means one point of contact and superior support for every component of the system. For end users, this means flexibility to meet your market’s unique needs and scalability as those needs grow.

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