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Legrand Electric - Salamandre IP4X Distribution Trunking

IP4X - Wiring Regulations - Index of Protection - BS 761:2008 - BS EN 50085-1:2005 - BS EN 60529

Legrand has invested heavily in Salamandre distribution trunking to ensure that it provides everything you would expect from the market leader. The innovations have been made to keep you up to speed with the amendments to the Wiring Regulations...

18th Edition Wiring Regulations

The latest edition of the Wiring Regulations includes specific instructions relating to the requirement for IP conformity of all trunking systems using non-sheathed cables.

The Regulations include the following paragraph in section 521.10 - Installation of cables:

“Non-sheathed cables are permitted if the cable trunking system provides at least the degree of protection IPXXD or IP4X, and if the cover can only be removed by means of a tool or deliberate action.”

BS 7671:2018 - 521.10.1 includes the note:

“If a system includes site-fabricated joints, the installer must confirm the completed item meets at least the degree of protection IPXXD.”

The Index of Protection

The Index of Protection is defined in BS EN 60529:1992 + A2:2013 - Degree of protection provided by enclosures.

The Regulations allow two levels for the degree of protection:

IP4X – Protected against solid bodies greater than 1mm in diameter. The test uses a 1mm diameter, 100mm long test probe/wire. The probe is applied with a force of 1N±10% and is not allowed to enter the enclosure being tested.

IPXXD – Solid bodies no greater than 1mm in diameter may enter the enclosure but will remain clear of hazardous parts. The test uses a 1mm diameter, 100mm long test probe/wire. The enclosure may allow entry of the 100mm long test wire. However, the wire is not allowed to touch any hazardous parts within the enclosure.

The Salamandre range of distribution trunking has evolved to include a simple solution to IP4X conformity.

A Simple, Convenient Solution

To achieve IP4X conformity using Salamandre trunking lengths requires the addition of a simple ‘cover strap’ which is connected to each coupler over the joint between two lids.

A range of IP4X fittings, with all the time-saving installation benefits of Salamandre, integrates fully with existing lengths and accessories to provide a total solution when using non-sheathed cable.

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Distribution Trunking

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