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Waterloo Air Products - Training Courses

View the latest training courses from Waterloo Air Products:

The Basics of Air Distribution

Head Office, Aylesford

A one day course at our premises in Aylesford giving an in depth look into all areas of HVAC. Led by CIBSE engineers with over 60 years experience providing a laid back atmosphere with lots of hands on testing.

HVAC Science

  • Basic Aerodynamic principles i.e Benoulies Equation (Relationship pressure & Air) Coanda Effect (Air Magnetism), Diffusion Characteristics....
  • General Temperature dynamics and its effect on HVAC - i.e Design possibilities of utilising hot/cold air, its effects
  • Acoustics, Air noise considerations for HVAC

ATDs Air terminal Devices

  • Difference between Diffusers, Grilles and Louvres i.e how they work once installed
  • How to select a ATD using a nomogram and specification sheet
  • How to best use and compare published technical data

Mechanical Engineering Synergy

  • How air is supplied to a building
  • Associated products such as VAV and AHUs
  • Noise Considerations


  • Demonstration of air supplied through a Grille
  • See a VAV in operation supplying air to a space
  • Use of control software

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