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PMA UK - Assembly Instructions

PMAFIX Pro Pflitsch

Safety system IP68

Economy connectors

Spin-coupler SCA

Conduit seal cap

Nautic fitting

Other Assembly Instructions available include:

  • PMAFIX Pro IP68/IP69K
  • PMAFIX Pro for multi-pin connectors
  • Safety system IP68 GT
  • Safety system IP66
  • PMA Smart Line, connectors
  • Economy II connectors
  • Swivel adapter SWA
  • PMAGRIP flange straight/90°
  • Connectors with stain relief (Pflitsch)
  • VEM/02 connectors
  • WPS water impact protection
  • HFAK connectors
  • VEMV/VIMV connectors
  • Connectors with strain relief
  • PMAFIX with conduit side sealing
  • VOD/VOV 90° flange
  • FH + GPS clamps
  • GG/GO flange straight / 90° elbow flange
  • MONV fitting for metal overbraided conduits
  • LNO divisible fitting, also for retrofit applications

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