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Eaton Cooper Lighting & Safety - Design Guides

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When specifying luminaires, legislation, as defined by the Building Regulations, must be considered to ensure that the installation meets with current requirements.

Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety business manufactures a wide range of central battery emergency lighting systems.

Most fluorescent luminaires detailed in this catalogue are available with a choice of control gear.

The main reason for installing an emergency lighting system is to enable the building to meet fire safety legislation in a way that is visually acceptable and meets the user’s needs...

Failing to install and maintain adequate emergency lighting renders the responsible person liable to prosecution...

Eaton Cooper Lighting's A-Z glossary of key terms relating to product and technical information.

Eaton Cooper Lighting's explanation of icons relating to product and technical information.

There is a wide range of lighting application standards and guides available to aid the designer in creating a comfortable and efficient working space.

The International Protection code, sometimes called the Ingress Protection code, classifies the protection given by an enclosure against the touching of live parts, contact with moving parts...

Designing a basic lighting scheme requires the consideration of many factors, not just the achievement of a desired lighting level.

Cooper Lighting & Safety Ltd
Wheatley Hall Road
South Yorkshire

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