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Honeywell Gent - Interactive Tools

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WINMAG Graphics Management System is an invaluable software tool for any size of network that allows for complete management of the fire detection and alarm system from a central PC.

  • Compact Voice Control Panel
  • Loop Wired Repeater Panel
  • S-Quad Smoke Sensor
  • S-Quad Heat Sensor
  • S-Quad Heat Sensor/Sounder
  • S-Quad Heat Sensor/Sounder/Strobe
  • S-Quad Smoke Sensor/Sounder
  • S-Quad Smoke Sensor/Strobe
  • S-Quad Smoke Sensor/Sounder/Strobe
  • S-Quad Mains Powered Interface
  • Door Holder Power Supply Unit
  • Beam Sensor
  • S-cubed Strobe
  • S-Cubed Sounder
  • S-Cubed Sounder / Strobe
  • S-Quad Interface
  • Remote Indicator
  • Vigilon Control Panel
  • 24V magnetic Door Holder
  • Nano Control Panel
  • EN54 Manual Call Point
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