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Calculation software enables the low-voltage system designer, board technician and installer to quickly and easily execute a full calculation in accordance with the HD384 and R064-03 Standards. It also automatically generates the required schedules, diagrams and BOMs. These software programs help you decide on the most appropriate and efficient configuration for your clients installations using GE devices.

GE Procera Plus GE is launching the new ProceraPlus® software package for designing and calculating completelow-voltage installations in accordance with the HD384. ProceraPlus® is a Windows-basedpackage,which enables the user to choose the correct security for the most appropriate distributionsystem, as well as related components. ProceraPlus helps to quickly and simply calculate theshort-circuit resistance in each point of the installation. The program offers a perfect balancebetween installation costs and comfort level (preventing unwanted cuts).

GE Power Design PowerDesign is the new platform of a new generation of software to help customers with the configuration, design and quotation of low voltage installations for several system enclosure types.

PowerDesign consists of a software package that allows the simple configuration of the widely used & well known GE system enclosure ranges 'SEN Plus' and 'QuiXtra'. PowerDesign 1.2 for SEN Plus, PowerDesign 2.0 for Quixtra.

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