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Eaton configurators, selection aids and tools facilitate and accelerate product selection. Applications are configured menu driven specific to the customer's needs.

Eaton has integrated the amended characteristics of ‘IE3 ready’ motor protection devices into its free CurveSelect software tool. This enhanced functionality makes it even easier to compare the tripping characteristics of protection devices. Thus, the design of switchgear and distribution systems can easily be optimised to deliver maximum availability and reliability while adhering to the new European energy efficiency regulation. CurveSelect can be used to assess not only interaction between a wide range of Eaton products, but also between Eaton products and those of other manufacturers.

Simply register to download CurveSelect V1.24 free-of-charge.

This online selection aid provides a simple planning solution, helping you quickly select the drive required for your application and the associated switchgear, protective elements, chokes and filters complete with the corresponding article number.

The "Energy Savings Estimator" is a program that calculates the estimated energy requirement that needs just a few entries, such as motor data, load profile and operating hours.

The following savings are displayed:

  • Energy conservation
  • CO2-reduction
  • A range of financial savings

No matter whether you want to configure your motor starter as DOL, reversing or star delta, whether you need a fuse-based or fuseless installation, or whether you prefer an electromechanical motor start or an electronic motor starter:

The configurator for motor-starter combinations helps you pick the right solution in just a few clicks. It is linked to the online catalog, providing a convenient way to create complete order lists and wiring sets. Once finished, you can then send the finished list to your sales partner - it's as simple as that.

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