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Vapour Flow - Frequently Asked Questions

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What would be the solution for bathrooms with ineffective ceiling extractors causing black mould?

The Dryvent B bathroom fan is a high performance dehumidifying extractor fan designed for particularly demanding condensation control requirements of bathroom environments, and it is particularly effective for use in properties suffering from damp conditions and black mould.

The Dryvent B continually extracts on low speed to remove moisture laden air at source before it can condense so an added benefit is that this background level of ventilation also improves the air quality throughout the property.

How can Dampness & Condensation be solved?

The best way of dealing with these issues is to increase the ventilation rates of a property, which will lower the water vapour content in the air. You can do this by using an intelligent, humidity controlled ventilation system which has proved to be the ideal solution for controlling the humidity levels within a property.

Whilst installing a ventilation system, the location of units needs to be considered as well. This problem tends to occur most in the area where water is used extensively, that is the kitchen and the bathroom. Hence, it is best to locate mechanical ventilation systems in these areas.

Is replacing roof top fan systems the way to go?

A recent appraisal carried out by a local authority provides a cost comparison of individual roof top fans installation vs replacing existing, along with the advantages of discrete fans.

Vapour Flow Replacement Roof Fans

Can a home ventilation extractor fan be too powerful?

Well, it turns out that it can be too powerful, and the consequences of that can be quite serious for the occupants’ health.

Recently we carried out a full site inspection to discover mould issues in a large residence in Mayfair. A micro bacterial analysis indicated unacceptably high readings in particular areas, and consequently the resident had to move out until the home ventilation system was redesigned and replaced.

What is MagLev Technology?

MagLev fans are derived from the most advanced train technology in the world. We have integrated the science behind making the MagLev trains float above the rails and propel forward, into our complete range of domestic fans.

The levitation of the blade and housing is created through opposing magnetic forces causing propulsion through perpendicular magnetic fields. This means that there is no physical contact between the moving parts and therefore no mechanical friction. This in turn means that the fan temperature is low and there is less waste of energy and less wear to the components. No friction also results in exceptionally high efficiency, quieter running and improved balance. All these features make a highly reliable motor with around 30 years life expectancy under normal operating conditions.

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