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Uponor - Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

Can I connect from an Uponor pipe to Copper?

Yes. There are a number of options available for both Uponor MLCP & Pex pipes, although compression adaptors are often recognised as the easiest option.

What tog rating for carpets can I use?

Uponor recommend Underfloor performance Maximum T.O.G ratings of 2.5 for both underlay and carpet.

Can I use a Biomass boiler?

Yes, however water temperature control for the underfloor heating would be required.

How long will the actuators last?

Thermal actuators can last up to 250,000 cycles of on or off, this can mean a lifespan of up to 20 years.


Do I need special training to install Uponor Q&E?

Q&E is extremely easy to install, but we always recommend that installers take advantage of the free, on-site training offered.

Does Q&E require insulating?

Yes, Q&E should be insulated and treated like a copper system.

What is the lowest temperature water Q&E can carry?

-20°C if the water in the pipe is mixed with a suitable Ethylene Glycol based antifreeze.

Can I use Q&E to carry oil, gas or compressed air?

No, the Q&E system is NOT designed or certificated for these applications.


Do I need special training to install Uponor MLC?

Yes, MLC is extremely easy to install, but Uponor always recommends installers undertake the free, training offered.

What is the maximum working pressure for MLC?

The maximum operating pressure we allow for MLC is 10 bar for all building services.

Do I need to use a special type of sealant on the MLC threaded fittings?

No, however only the traditional flat type of PTFE sealing tape is allowed.

Can direct sunlight or UV light damage MLC?

Yes, like virtually all plastics, sunlight and UV will degrade the material if exposed for prolonged periods.

Underfloor Heating FAQs

What is “water temperature control” WTC?

This is used when the supply water temperature from the heat source is too high for the underfloor heating.

What is a manifold?

A manifold is a central distribution point where the underfloor heating loops are connected to.

What thickness of floor insulation should I lay?

100mm of high density floor grade PUR board or enough to satisfy building regulations Part L.

What happens if I damage the pipe?

Uponor can supply compression couplers that can be used to join the pipe together.

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