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Titon - Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Building Regulations?

Building Regulations must be complied with, they provide practical guidance on health and safety, energy conservation and provision for disabled persons.

Why use Trickle Vents?

Natural ventilation used to be provided by chimneys and gaps in the building structure, however homes now have well-sealed windows, which increase indoor pollutant levels. Trickle ventilators are a safe and energy efficient way of providing fresh air.

What is a Trickle Vent?

A trickle vent is usually fitted at the top of a window, allowing fresh air into a room and polluted air out. They are controllable, to give the option of having them open or closed.

Why not open a window instead?

Windows left slightly on the latch and slightly ajar by the handle are a security risk. Windows should be closed when a house is empty. Trickle vents are secure enough to be left open even when you are on holiday.

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