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Permaflor - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is raised access flooring?

Raised access flooring is a modular, structural floor, installed onto pedestals, to create a void within which electrical cabling, HVAC, data and communications can be concealed. It is also a very versatile system, allowing flexible positioning of workstations and building services. It provides easy access for repair and maintenance and allows future upgrading of services with minimal disruption to occupants.

Its use is not just restricted to office areas. Raised floors are ideal for computer rooms and datacentres which not only carry large runs of cabling but generate a significant amount of heat, which can be efficiently and reliably dissipated using underfloor cooling Permaflor is a complete raised access flooring system offering products for both PSA and BSEN specifications.

BSEN and PSA compared?

The PSA specification gives clarity on the suitability of each grade for specific applications. BSEN does not. The PSA provides loading requirements for the pedestals at both centre and quadrants and takes account of pedestal height.

The BSEN accounts only for vertical loading and ignores pedestal height. The PSA specifies that products must be independently tested and certified – individually and as a complete system for 24 hours, resulting in a mandatory 25-year product guarantee. No guarantee is required under BSEN, which relies solely upon in-house testing and self-certification.

Do you provide specifications?

The specification is ultimately the responsibility of the architect, however we have an experienced design team who can not only advise on the suitability of different flooring options but can steer you through the requirements of both PSA or BSEN specifications and support you with CAD drawings and model specifications as needed.

Where can I get samples?

Should you require samples simply contact your local technical representative or call 0870 600 2066 and we will make arrangements for samples to be delivered. For bespoke flooring finishes (we are able to apply many different floor coverings form marble and ceramic to carpet, vinyls and veneers) we can source samples for you or use your own materials if preferred.

Benefits of raised access floors?

Raised access floors provide a void for routing power and data cabling, HVAC systems and other building services. This facilitates future changes to layout and occupancy, provides relatively easy access for maintenance and allows installation of additional or upgraded services.

The Permaflor system includes a wide range of standard and non-standard components and accessories to help achieve the most flexible and efficient floor designs. Using the floor void for HVAC services instead of overhead can significantly reduce slab-to-slab heights in multi-floor buildings.

How do I get personalised advice?

Permaflor technical representatives cover the whole of the UK and are always available to visit and discuss project requirements and the most suitable options for a cost-effective solution. As the UK’s largest independent raised access floor manufacturer, with a highly experienced in-house technical and specification team, we are able to offer product and specification advice – and in many cases offer more efficient solutions than might otherwise be chosen. To contact our support team call 01432 347 709.

Do you supply accessories?

All of our products are matched to a range of pedestals that meet the loading requirements of both PSA and BSEN specification, giving floor height (void) options from just 60mm to 2000mm. Our range of stringers and bridging beams can provide additional support to upgrade the floor performance whilst we also offer a choice of ventilation panels, electrical outlets, handrails, cable ports, ramps and steps that enable total versatility in the floor design to meet all practical and design considerations.

Do you do bespoke schemes?

Although Permaflor is one of Europe’s largest access floor manufacturers, our purpose-designed plant is highly flexible, allowing short production runs that it turn enables us to offer bespoke solutions on even relatively small projects. We are able to manufacture non-standard sizes – which means on refurbishment projects or renewals it is not always necessary to replace the entire floor as we can match in with the existing floor grid and / or floor panels. This saves cost and disruption.

A wide range of bespoke surface finishes can be made to order – including marble, timber, vinyls and carpet of your choice. We can also upgrade the loadbearing performance of your existing floors to meet changing needs without the inconvenience of shutdown or evacuation. To discuss your ideas for a bespoke scheme, or for advice on options that might avoid wholescale replacement of an existing floor, simply call out technical team.

Do you use recycled materials?

We operate a policy that favours the use of recycled or sustainably produced materials wherever possible. The material used for the high density particleboard core of all our floor panels has a 90% recycled timber content, and a proportion of the steel used for facing and encapsulation is itself recycled. All waste timber produced at the factory is used to power our solid fuel, warm air heating system, which approaches self-sufficiency.

Enter Do you supply the whole of the UK?

Yes, Permaflor products are available nationwide through our own installation service – OnePoint or via a network of independent contractors.

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