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Kingfisher Lighting - Frequently Asked Questions

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Are all Kingfisher luminaires supplied complete with lamp?

Yes, unless specifically stated that they are not.

What do your energy star ratings mean?

****** > 130 lumens/circuit Watt

***** 115 to 130 lumens/circuit Watt

**** 100 to 115 lumens/circuit Watt

*** 85 to 100 lumens/circuit Watt

** 70-85 lumens/circuit Watt

* 55 to 70 lumens/circuit Watt

What are the standard planting depths for root mounted columns?

5m – 800mm

6m – 1000mm

8m – 1200mm

10m – 1500mm

Do your cut outs come complete with fuses?

Yes, they are HRC fuses.

What is the typical colour temperature of your LED luminaires?

Typically 4,000K but alternatives are available on request

What fuse ratings are required for HID lamps?

70W – 6 Amps

100W – 6 Amps

150W – 6 Amps

250W – 10 Amps

400W – 16 Amps

Where can I find information on rationalised wind loading factors (RWF) for column-mounted luminaires?

PD 5647:2004 contains informative data relating to the administrative areas of the UK providing a RWF for each location – ask us for details.

Are all Kingfisher columns supplied with a door and backboard?

Yes. All of Kingfisher’s columns are complete with secure recessed industry standard triangular headed bolts. They also all have a wooden backboard with a central earth termination point.

Do you supply brackets and other accessories?

Yes. We can provide a range of brackets, cut-outs, feeder pillars and other accessories.

Can you explain IP (Ingress Protection) ratings?

IP55 – dust protected and 6.3mm water jet protected

IP65 – dust tight and 6.3mm water jet protected

IP66 – dust tight and 12.5mm heavy water jet protected

IP67 – dust tight and water immersion up to 1m

IP68 – dust tight and water immersion beyond 1m

Can you explain the product electrical classes?

Class 1 – These appliances must have their chassis connected to electrical earth

Class 2 – Double insulated, does not require a safety connection to electrical earth

Class 3– supplied from a separated/safety extra-low voltage power source

Do Kingfisher offer a free lighting design service?

Yes, subject to scheme qualification. We have a highly skilled team of lighting designers in-house.

Do you offer free deliveries?

Yes. Orders over £300 qualify for free delivery within mainland GB. Special deliveries are available on request.

What is your standard delivery time?

Three days. Overnights and special are available on request.

Do you deliver to Scotland?

Yes, we typically deliver every 3rd week of the month.

Do you offer maintenance services?

Yes, please see the maintenance area of our website for more details.

Do you provide installation & commissioning?

Yes, please ask us for details.

What memberships and accreditations do you have?

BS ISO 9001

BS ISO 18001

BS ISO 14001

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