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Catnic - Frequently Asked Questions

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Building Components FAQ

Can standard Galvanised angle beads be used for external render applications?

No, the material to be selected is Stainless Steel.

Where do I use PVC-U Plasterers' beads?

All internal and external applications, and particularly in situations where normal temperatures and humidity conditions cannot be maintained.

Can Stainless Steel beads be used with gypsum based plastics?

No, this should only be used with cement based renders unless they are specified with an approved protection finish.

How high can an extension/wall be built using Stronghold Wall Connector?

Up to 3 storeys of maximum height 8m.

Can our wall ties be used with full fill cavity insulation?

Yes, provided the insulation material has a BBA Certificate.

What wall tie can be offered for use in party cavity walls to comply with approved document E of the building regulations?

BW4/200 and BW4/225 subject to local authority approved.

Qwikpost FAQ

What is the best way to insert a Qwikpost Spike?

Using a hammer and the Catnic DOL (Drive in tool) tap the Qwikpost into the ground with short strokes checking alignment as you Go. Do not attempt to hammer it in with one or two hits.

What if the ground slopes?

Fence panels should be horizontal, therefore they will step up and down Qwikpost Spikes should be installed in the normal way, ensuring they are vertical. Fence posts should be longer to allow for stepping of panels.

Do Qwikpost products make the fence a permanent job?

Qwikpost products are durable and will provide solid anchorage to a fence for many years.

Can a Qwikpost spike be moved after it is installed?

Qwikpost Spikes can be removed by levering under the box with a long steel bar or post. A block or brick should be placed under the bar to act as a pivot.

How can you stop the fence panel battens from splitting when nailing to the post?

Qwikpost U-Clips and Z-Clips are designed to hold the panels firmly to the posts without splitting.

How do I replace a rotten post that has been set in concrete?

Saw off old post at ground level and drive Qwikpost Repair Spike between concrete and old post. Insert new post into Repair Spike.

How do I stop the top of the posts splitting and rotting?

The Qwikpost Caps should be fixed into the top of the posts to protect against weather damage.

The ground is too rocky to use a Qwikpost Spike?

A hole is dug in the ground and filled with concrete and a Qwikpost Concrete-In Support used.

How can I extend a post?

The Universal Post Extender should be used in pairs to extend a post up to 1M to support a trellis.

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