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Breathing Buildings - Frequently Asked Questions

Read frequently asked questions available from Breathing Buildings:

How it works -

  1. Can a naturally ventilated environment be comfortable for all occupants?
  2. Do I need to have a specific building design?
  3. Does Breathing Buildings have views on Passivhaus designs?
  4. Does it only work on the top floor?
  5. Does the system work in buildings that are not air tight?

Cost -

  1. How quickly can I have my e-stack unit?
  2. What is the capital cost?

Control -

  1. Can I change the set points?
  2. Does your system control the heating?
  3. How do we explain to the users what it is and how to use it?
  4. What levels of control are there?
  5. What type of seasonal controllers are there for the e-stack system?

Regulations -

  1. Does Natural Ventilation get me BREEAM points?
  2. Does Natural Ventilation meet BB101?
  3. How does BB93 apply?
  4. How does the e-stack system comply with BB101 summer overheating?
  5. What about air leakage testing, does putting holes in the building create issues?

Installations -

  1. Are natural ventilation units big, and hence difficult to install?
  2. Are naturally ventilated buildings more expensive to construct?
  3. Are the units visible within a naturally ventilated buildings?
  4. Can the system be connected to a BMS (Building Management System)?
  5. Can you supply a maintenance service?
  6. Does it need seasonal commissioning?

Breathing Buildings Ltd
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