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Breathing Buildings - Product Specifications

Click on the images below for full information relating to Breathing Buildings Product Specifications:

1. E-Stack Ventilation System for Buildings with Atria
Breathing Buildings has developed an innovative low energy approach to the ventilation of buildings where rooms are connected to a central atrium.

2. E-Stack S-Series Stack Based Ventilation
Fresh air is brought in through one half of the divided shaft immediately above the S-Series unit, where it is then mixed with hot interior air before being...

3. E-Stack Facade Facade Based Systems for F-Series Units
The system includes a ventilation mixing unit beneath variable control insulated dampers or a window, with an integral controller and grilles...

1. E-Stack atria-based

2. E-Stack stack-based systems

3. E-Stack facade-based systems

Breathing Buildings Ltd
The Courtyard
15 Sturton Street

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