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Airedale International - Testimonials

Read the latest testimonials for Airedale International:

Airedale Air Conditioning works with customers based in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world bringing them high efficiency air conditioning systems & world class customer service. Click to view a full list of Airedale's clients.

Airedale Air Conditioning works with customers based in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world bringing them high efficiency air conditioning systems & world class customer service. Click to view a full list of Airedale's clients.

  • Bob Finn, Programme Manager, EDF Energy

    "EDF Energy is already seeing a PUE of 1.2. I believe we are the first company in the world to install Airedale’s advanced technology, the TurboChill™ free cooling chiller. When the data centre is operating in free-cooling mode, the PUE has been measured at 1.2 and we expect that to reduce further as we install more equipment."
  • Mike Marchant, Data Centre Manager, EMIS

    "The InRak™ makes the aisle containment far more efficient. The InRak™ units are very clever; they communicate with each other to maintain pressure and temperature consistent in the room. Their EC fans are linked to the ACIS™ and ramp up and down according to demand. ACIS™ gives us 24/7 control of the operation and peace of mind. When fully populated, Airedale’s cooling solution should guarantee an annualised PUE of 1.3 for the room."
  • Paul Lovegrove, General Affairs Assistant Manager, Epson

    "Our target is to reduce building energy costs by 7% annually which we have achieved over the past two years. Airedale’s free cooling chillers are already contributing to 3% of this annual saving. We make the equipment work through a complete and positive partnership with Airedale, from design through to service and maintenance.

    We have a positive, responsible partnership with Airedale in which we share knowledge. It is only through Airedale’s continued site involvement that we can fi ne tune the system to such an extent. We don’t mind spending capital expenditure to recoup such significant energy savings as these."
  • Andy McCulloch, Group Engineer, Harrogate Borough Council

    "Our priority at the Harrogate Hydro leisure facility is to provide the comfortable environment which our customers have come to expect. A major concern was to find a reliable, appropriate air conditioning system which would keep a cool, constant temperature within the building. Airedale’s chilled water chiller and cassette solution is delivering that."
  • Data Centre Manager, IBM

    "Airedale listens to our requirements as a customer and adapts its products to suit us. The beauty of Airedale’s solutions is that they are designed to grow with the application."
  • Graham Ireland, Building Services Manager, Iceland Frozen Foods

    "Iceland Frozen Foods (IFF) has realised savings of £1.5m to date. The typical payback is between six and nine months per store, making Airedale Controls’ solution extremely attractive operationally and financially. Its flexibility has enabled IFF to carry out a progressive implementation strategy, integrating existing Airedale equipment, as well as new and old systems from other OEMs"
  • Robert Garbutt, CEO, LDex

    "Continued operation of our clients’ IT infrastructure and ensuring availability of their data is paramount. Airedale provides us with a fully integrated cooling solution designed for maximum efficiency and critical redundancy. Airedale’s latest chilled water and DX cooling technologies enables us to achieve our PUE target of less than 1.3."
  • Steve Vandyke, Head of Technical Services, National Gallery

    "Airedale gives us support and reassurance throughout. A factor influencing selection of Airedale was its transparency and facility to witness test. We prefer working with a UK manufacturer who is carrying out product development work and can give us support and reassurance throughout."
  • Dr Jon Summers, Senior Lecturer, The University of Leeds

    "Our HPC facility is growing and without the use of the OnRak™ rear door heat exchangers it would not be possible to go to such high densities. The OnRak™ has saved us space in an already densely packed environment. It has also given us the flexibility to fit rear door heat exchangers to legacy or new cabinets from any manufacturer."
  • Steven Ward, Premises Engineer, Yorkshire Building Society

    "Energy efficiency was the crucial factor. Airedale proved that its free cooling chiller can save energy and is the right system for us. Anything that improves payback is of interest to the Society. We have also had good service from other Airedale products."

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