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Vertiv - Cooling Solutions Literature

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Liebert XD

Refrigerant-based - high heat density system delivers data center cooling for more than 30 kW per rack. Liebert XD offers floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount configurations.

Liebert CW

The Liebert CW chilled water based precision cooling system is specifically designed to handle the high heat loads generated by computers and other electronic equipment.

Liebert CRV

A self-contained data center cooling unit that is ideally suited and designed for cooling server rack cabinets in small and medium data centers.

Liebert PDX/PCW

The advanced and continuously evolving IT market is one of the fastest growing high tech industries.

Liebert HPC-S

Liebert HPC-S is the new small-size free cooling chiller designed for the efficient cooling of small data centers .

Liebert DCW

The Liebert® DCW™ chilled water-based high density cooling family provides energy savings of up to 70% over traditional cooling.

Liebert DS

The Liebert® DS™ is designed to fit room applications requiring high level precision control of the room environment, including temperature, humidity, filtration and airflow.

Liebert DataMate

Liebert® DataMate™ precision environmental systems are the perfect solution for cramped quarters requiring temperature and humidity control for sensitive electronics.

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