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Titon - Literature

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titon, mev ventilation systems

MEV - Ventilation Systems

Centralised & Decentralised Mechanical Extract Fans

Titon has dedicated Sales and Technical Departments supporting the Ventilation Systems Division, offering extensive product knowledge to aid and support our customers. The Design Office can receive drawings of dwellings and provide detailed ventilation designs with calculated ventilation capabilities based on duct run lengths and unit settings.

Titon Ventilation Systems has every department covered to help support and assist our customers throughout...

titon vs catalogue

Ventilation Systems Catalogue


Titon manufactures and supplies a range of products including sophisticated energy conserving whole-house mechanical ventilation units, natural ventilation products and fittings for window and doors.

The product ranges also include high performance and specialist solutions to deal with today’s most demanding builds where noise/air pollution and indoor air quality are our prime concerns...

titon information booklet

Information Booklet - Air Filters


What is ISO16890-1:2016?

ISO 16890-1:2016 establishes an efficiency classification system of air filters for general ventilation based upon particulate matter (PM).

It also provides an overview of the test procedures, and specifies general requirements for assessing and marking the filters, as well as for documenting the test results. It is intended for use in conjunction with ISO 16890‑2, ISO 16890‑3 and ISO 16890‑4...

MVHR, Ventilation Systems, titon

MVHR - Ventilation Systems


MVHR is an energy efficient solution for the provision of controlled ventilation in residential and commercial properties with a number of features over traditional ventilation products, such as automated control and summer boost.

Specifically designed to meet modern building regulations and energy efficiency objectives. This system is designed to capture the heat that is otherwise lost through ventilation to reduce heat demand particularly in more airtight buildings...

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