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LG Electronics - Literature

Click on the links below to view literature / catalogues / brochures:

Eco V Catalogue

eco V™ Energy Recovery Ventilator

Efficiency and comfort is ensured through the highefficiency energy recovery central core which recovers energy from the indoor air and transfers it to the fresh incoming air without mixing airstream.

Single CAC & Multi Catalogue

Single CAC & Multi

LG Electronics' air conditioners are safe to use for your home and deliver cost-effective solutions for your office environment.

Accessories Air Conditioning Catalogue

Accessories Air Conditioning

Greenovation represents some of LG’s core values including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting sustainable growth with suppliers and developing new green businesses.

Multi V IV Catalogue

Multi V IV Catalogue

The variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning system has evolved to become one of the most advanced, versatile air conditioning solutions available on the market.

Artcool Catalogue

Artcool - Style your space

LG has created an air conditioner that lets you take command of your senses with the soft feel of the breeze on your skin, the quiet hum of efficient cooling and the changing hues of light in the air.

LG Cassette Brochure

LG Cassette Units

LG cassette units are ideal for offices, bars and restaurants and offer effective comfort, greater endurance and exceptional seasonal energy efficiency due to the new inverter technology.

View the full list of available from their website relating to the following products:

  • LG Multi Split Air Conditioning
  • Therma V monobloc and split type
  • Air Conditioners Accessories
  • Therma V High Efficiency Water Heating Solution
  • LG Commercial Air Conditioners

LG Electronics UK Ltd
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