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Hitzinger - Literature

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Airport Equipment

Secure uninterruptible power, with a 25 year service life... battery-less dynamic UPS!

Hitzinger is presenting a new quality of ground power supply, with JET POWER being the most innovative ground power unit in the compact class.

The Hitzinger 400 Hz ground power systems provide reliability and low operating cost

S POWER a reliable unit meeting high standards for the long term. Hitzinger Ironless Technology combines super-compact switch-mode power supplies with state of the art inverter technology.

Rotary Diesel UPS Systems

The Hitzinger U Power comprises of five major components: the diesel engine, the electromagnetic clutch, the synchronous alternator, the kinetic energy storage and the coupling choke.


Hitzinger alternators boast maximum efficiency and flexibility with their experience serving as a guarantee of pioneering technology offering the ultimate in performance and environmental-friendliness

Diesel Generators

G POWER units offer a safe energy supply in challenging ares with complex requirements, such as hospitals, railway vehicles and in military applications.

Converter Systems

C POWER converters guarantee individual power supply anytime, anywhere, in any required form & quality and provide maximum efficiency with the highest level of quality, reliability & serviceability.

The heart of the major power generation is a genset, containing a HITZINGER ALTERNATOR coupled to a MTU-diesel engine with the connection being built up by a cushion-type membrane coupling.

Technical Data:
Type: SGS 9B 06T; Power: 2160 kW; Voltage: 800 V DC; Current: max. 4200 A DC; Speed: 600 – 1800 rpm

Brushless synchronous alternator with built-in exciter machine. Damper winding for 100% unbalanced load at nominal current in 1 or 2 phases.

Hitzinger UK Ltd
50 Churchill Square
Kings Hill
West Malling
ME19 4YU

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