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Halton - Literature

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Air Quality, Chilled Beams, Diffusers

Halton High Class Office References

Halton references for the best indoor air quality in the high class office segment.

Green Buildings, Energy Efficiency, Ventilation

Halton Vario Solution

Halton Vario solution not only makes green buildings a reality, it makes them more energy efficient, more flexible to layout changes, and more comfortable to work in than ever before.

Healthcare, Hygiene, Air Quality

Halton Vita Healthcare & Laboratory Solutions

Halton’s Vita solutions offer a full range of airflow systems for operating rooms, all meeting the highest standards.

Air Pressure, Airflow, Air Comfort

Halton Vita Iso Solutions

The isolation room system controls pressurisation and ventilation rates and the indoor environment of the room.

Healthcare, Thermal Comfort, Airflow

Halton Vita Laboratory Solutions

Halton’s Vita solutions offer intelligent and efficient management of laboratory pressure conditions and thermal comfort in healthcare, research, production and educational laboratories.

Healthcare, Clean Air, Ventilation

Halton Vita OR Cell Solution

Vita Cell Patient and Vita Cell Instrument upgrade the hygiene of your operations by providing ultra-clean air to the most critical areas: the wound area and the operating instruments table.

Hygiene, Air Terminals, Air Handling Units

Halton Vita Operating Room Solutions

Halton’s Vita solutions offer a full range of airflow systems for operating room air cleanliness and thermal environment management, all meeting the highest standards.

Healthcare, Chilled Beams, Airflow

Halton Vita Patient Room Solutions

A good and healthy indoor environment is a vital element for patient sleep and recovery. Vita Patient is designed for comfort, easy maintenance, and adaptability to variable conditions.

Central Ventilation, Airflow, Central Vacuum Cleaning

Halton Residential

Halton HHW is integrated supply and exhaust airflow control unit optimized for modern high-rise residential building construction.

11 Laker Road
Airport Industrial Estate

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